15% Off Handbags and more

  1. Neiman Marcus Gift Card Event Earn up to a $500 gift card with regular-price purchase with code NMSHOP - Click or tap to check it out!
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  1. Just used the code and it worked AWESOMELY on my purchase! Saved another 50 bucks!! YAY!!!!! TYVM!!!!!!
  2. just used that code SAVE15KRAD thank youuuuuu
    and it was great i got two via spiga bags and got 15% off both !!!

    ALSO there was another code 14008 which is good for any purchase before 9/3 for 15% off!!! i think this one is not just for first purchase it is any purchase but can only be used once for this time period and multiple items are ok ! give it a try!
  3. code 14067 for free shipping on orders over 100 dollars up to 9/4
    only one type of code per order
  4. Yippee..........just scored two pairs of jeans and a pair of shoes!! All for about $160!