$15 of $50

  1. You get $15 off a $50 purchase when you use Paypal for your purchase.
  2. When I went it said $25 off $50. I bought a pair of Maxx Studio Patent Mary Janes. But now I'm trying to go back to find out when I get the rebate & the banner is gone :wtf:
  3. has it shown up yet?? that's weird that they changed it...
  4. ^^ nope.. I even tried deleting my cookies in case it was a 'one shot' offer.
  5. hm i logged on and it did show up for me...
  6. Still nothing for me.. can you tell me what the details are?
  7. Thanks for the post!

    Did this show up when you first went to the smartbargains site?
    I'm not seeing the offer.....dang it!
  8. yeah i just typed in, and it comes up on the front page. here's the details...

    Time is Running Out. Don't Delay!​
    Terms and Conditions:

    Take $25 off your order that totals $50 or more, excluding shipping charges and taxes.
    $50 minimum order applies to merchandise purchases only. Purchase of SMARTShoppers Club(SM) membership or Gift Cards does not count toward minimum order.
    Payment must be made though PayPal in order to receive the discount
    Not valid on prior purchases, pending orders or with any other discounts, certificates or promotions. reserves the right to cancel or modify the PayPal $25 off $50 Back to School Promotion at any time without prior notice.
    This offer is only valid on orders which are placed and confirmed by us on or before
    2:59 AM ET on 9/6/2007
  9. That makes it seem like the discount should have come off at the time of purchase (not a rebate like Paypal offers before). I'm emailing them.
  10. it worked for me! when checking out, the discount doesn't appear until after you click on checkout with paypal - log in to paypal - then login to smartbargains. It should show right before you submit your order. I got a great deal on a duvet!
  11. They wrote back & claimed I used a Mypoints link not the Paypal link... they are wrong wrong wrong. I wrote back & told them so. I also said that if they didn't intend to honor the offer, they can cancel my order & unregister me as a customer. This will be my first & last time ordering from them.

    We shall see.
  12. Very frustrating, I got to the last step after signing in to Paypal and SmartBargains, everything showed up correctly with the discount and all, but when I clicked Purchase it gave me an error message that PayPal could not process my order/payment, choose a different payment method! I tried it twice and got the same error message. I am not sure it's worth the effort anymore...:sad:
  13. hm, sorry it didn't work for you guys. it'd be a nice discount if they had better CS and a system that worked! i think i might have ordered from them once.
  14. So have you heard back from them yet? I just placed an order and did not see the discount in my confirmation either (paid via Paypal, of course.) I'm worried :confused1: :sad: