"Smart Phone" POLL

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Which phone do you recommend?

  1. Motorola Q

  2. Palm TREO

  3. Blackberry (no camera)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I was hoping that the rumors of an Apple phone were true, and that something would be hitting the market around Christmastime, but apparently the date is pushed back to "sometime in 2007" IF Apple is really even working on a phone. SO, hubby has decided that I probably need a "smart phone" (cell + pda organizer) for my new job since I am popping from the office to court, etc. The Blackberry has no camera, so I have sort of ruled that out...but if any of you have a Blackberry and want to sing its praises, please do! I am thinking of either the Palm TREO or the Motorola Q. I currently have a RAZR and have been fairly happy with that, if that helps at all. Let me know the good, the bad, and the ugly about these models please! :shrugs:
  2. I'm not familiar with any of them really, if heard good reports abotu blackberries but that sit so i won't vote, good luck finding the phone that right for you!
  3. Here are photos of each phone:
    1. Blackberry
    2. Palm TREO
    3. Motorola Q
    Blackberry.jpg Palm TREO.jpg MOTO Q.jpg
  4. well i think the motorola q is the prettiest so ill vote for that lol!
  5. I am on my third Palm Treo and I love it.
  6. i work at best buy, and all the SAs in the wireless department sing endless praises of the treo. they seem to prefer it and its features over the blackberry or the q, and they really know their stuff when it comes to those phones, so i'd go with the treo.
  7. I would get the Palm Treo.
  8. I like the way the Palm Treo looks the best! Thinking about one for myself, actually.
  9. you should check out the HTC TyTn...it just got realeased...its suppose to be one of the best out there...

    you dont want the moto q since no touch screen can be quite irritating..
  10. ^ that would be release under Cingular. that's the HTC Hermes. i like that phone. read some reviews, and it seems a nice smart phone.

    if only Tmobile got treo, i'd get that in a heartbeat ;)
  11. i don't actually know anything about any of those :lol: but are you allowed camera phones in court? if not, the blackberry might win out by default.
  12. it's true, there should be a apple phone.
    In the new nano I-pod model, you can see a possibility to synchronise A phone with your pod, so... (coz, the point is, that, the pod can't be synchronise with a phone existing in the market)
  13. I've had my palm treo for about three months and love it!
  14. my inlaws love their treos. they say the software is really easy to navigate and sync with your home computer. the battery also lasts a pretty decent amount of time.