Smart Cars to Arrive in US in 08 *pic* Anyone want one?

  1. Smart's Micro Car Gets an Early Start
    July 11, 2007; Page D4
    DETROIT -- The president of Smart USA, which will distribute a two-passenger micro car in the U.S., said that it's received more than 20,000 reservations and will have 45 to 60 dealerships ready to sell the vehicles by January.

    The number of advance reservations for the Smart "fortwo" have exceeded Smart's most optimistic expectations, said Dave Schembri, president of Smart USA. The reservation fee on the vehicles is $99. Once available in the U.S., the base model will sell for under $12,000.

    Smart USA, a unit of auto-dealership titan Penske Automotive Group Inc., is currently working with Smart maker DaimlerChrysler AG to balance demand with production. Last year, DaimlerChrysler announced its partnership with Penske Auto Group, then known as United Auto Group, to bring Smart cars to the U.S. The vehicles will be built at a plant in France and will be equipped for the U.S. market.

    Mr. Schembri, speaking at a press conference here, said the 45 to 60 Smart dealers should be ready to sell by January 2008, when the cars are expected to arrive in U.S. showrooms. Smart plans to have 60 to 70 dealerships in the U.S.

    The Smart cars will hit the U.S. market at a time when auto makers are seeing sales of small cars rise as gasoline becomes more expensive. The Smart fortwo, at 8.8 feet long and 5 feet wide, is smaller than the subcompacts on the market. But Mr. Schembri said the Smart is expected to have at least a four-star crash rating. The car should average 40 miles a gallon.

    A majority of the dealerships -- 60% or more -- will be adjacent to Mercedes-Benz dealerships either in a separate, connected showroom or a separate building. Others will be stand-alone dealerships with other dealers. Mercedes is a DaimlerChrysler unit. Smart USA's headquarters will be housed in a dealership in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Mr. Schembri said.

    The Smart fortwo will come in three trim levels -- a Pure baseline model that starts under $12,000, a Passion Coupe that starts under $14,000 and a convertible that starts under $17,000.
  2. These are so cute. I think I'm going to get one to fit inside my Escalade ESV!
  3. I had no idea you guys didn't have them already. I know over here most people hate them, but I think they're kinda cool in their own way. I love how you could probably fit two in one parking space. I'd buy one myself, but I don't think having a crash it it would be much fun.
  4. Nope, not a good option for families with kids. Also, get into an accident in that & your done for.
  5. They'er really cute - when w were in Europe, we had one as our rental. Great fuel economy and the colors are fun. We rented a 4 door, so the space was decent for a couple or a small family.

    The engine was not that powerful, but it was a reasonable drive IMHO. I'm surprised the US doesn't have it yet either, since Canada has had them for a couple of years already.
  6. I think they're really cool. I've actually been thinking about one for when I'm done school in a year, assuming I'm in a situation where I need a car.
  7. That is absolutely not true. I work in the automotive Industry (not for Smart :p) and because of the new technology and the way they are built, they are safer than a lot of "regularly built" cars.

    Smart belongs to DaimlerChrysler (Mercedes...) btw, so they wouldn't produce *crap*.
  8. I wouldnt put my family in a car that small. In regards to my family 1) I doubt a carseat would fit in it. 2) How is the trunk space can I store a stroller or groceries? 3) DaimlerChrysler SUCKS (Sorry) as do most American cars-which is why they dont sell. Mercedes since you brought them up have TONS of problems. I am trying to find an article by JD powers that lists the most reliable cars & which ones are always in the shop. When I find it I will post it.
  9. They are to cute.
  10. Strange! We've had those here in Mexico for a couple years now. I always thought they got everything first in the States (not being mean).

    I understand they should have a certain design to make them safer given the small size, but I'd still be wary.
  11. I don't think they are advertised as a family car, are they? They're not in Europe, so I'm just assuming... They are more of a single's, maybe young couple's car. If they are being advertised as a family car... you are right, they are not at all suitable for a family! It's a freakin 2-seater! (There is a 4-seat version of it, dunno if it will be available in the US at the same time this one comes out.)

    I am not saying DaimlerChrysler are the best, but you were talking about accidents and I was just quoting crash test results that state the Smart car is not inferior to bigger cars safety-wise. Wasn't talking about general problems a car might have.

    No need to be defensive :heart:
  12. ^^I'm not being defensive, I'm responding to another persons response to my original post. Maxter's Thread title asks "Anyone want one?" My answer is no & listed the reasons why, that's all. :okay:
  13. I do want one. My commute is not very far at all - I live in LA too. I saw a whole herd of them driving down the 210 Fwy (which I thought they could only drive on surface streets?). I want the Mercedes model. Can't wait.
  14. I hate those freaking things. THey're all over the place here. It stinks when you're looking for a parking space and you think you got one....And then one of those stupid things is sitting in it!
  15. It's not a family car.

    It's only a 2 seater.