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  1. Why is there no smallville thread??? I am dying to know! Is Lana dead??? Is Chloe dead? ARG!
  2. Did you do a search ?
  3. i loooove Smallville, though I haven't watched it steadily since season 4... is it still on air?

    Tom Welling is HOT!!
  4. Yes, there's only a combined thread about smallville/onetreehill/gilmore girls. And another thread in the balenciaga page. Do people generally think that Lana jumped in the ice cream truck...or did they really kill her off? And chloe?
  5. Hi..

    Does anyone watch Smallville? I LOVE watching it! One of my fav shows along with LOST. :tup:
  6. I DO! I DO!!! but you knew that...
  7. i watch smallville too! i cant believe it's already season seven! i used to think lex is hot haha! as he got evil, the less hotter he became.
  8. So does anyone else in the Forum watch Smallville? What do you think of the season so far? How about Lex being going and this person "Tess" taking over LuthorCorp? I really enjoyed the Justice League episodes but missed The Flash in the one this season.
  9. U should watch true Blood instead!
  10. You are too funny girl!!! Between, The Biggest Loser, Project Runway, Smallville, Tim Gunn, and the Steelers games, I feel like I am always watching TV :P

  11. I know...I happened to see your thread and couldn't resist!
  12. [​IMG]

    Just watched the new episode tonight, it's getting so good, even if your not interested in comics, Tom Welling plays Clark Kent, and he is every reason to watch!!! yummy:woohoo:

  13. I don't, but my friend does. She sends me pictures of him, so that I can see what I'm missing I guess. I'm thinking about starting to watch it.
  14. Yes, Tom Welling is the only reason why I watch every once and a while. I used to tune in religiously. Total droolfest.
  15. oh yeah, my bf hate's when I watch the show, because he doesn't exist when I'm watching it lol!!! Tom Welling is the ultimate superman I believe! Great show though, I love the story lines.