Smallest Tokidoki

  1. Ok another question, what is the smallest Tokidoki bag, i'm looking for something to put my make up in is there something that small? Excuse my ignorance I'm very new to all this, but have already became addicted.
  2. The smallest purse would be a bocce! Its itty bitty! But, you can also go with the makeup case carmella! Both would be supercute as makeupcases!
  3. U can check out caramella, its meant for make-up bag, but its actually bigger than dolce but flatter. But u can actually get a good amount of print in a caramella ;)
  4. Thanks so much! I appreciate all your help.
  5. there's also the carmellina which is smaller than the caramella :smile: but that style was discontinued so it's a little harder to find sometimes
  6. yes, i say carmellina is a better choice for a make-up bag, the caramella is HUGE! lol. Well, in my opinion anyways haha.
  7. Well I need something to fit into my new zucca bag.
  8. Oh, well either the carmellina or caramella will fit in that :smile:
  9. Awesome! Whats a good price to pay on one of those?