Smallest reveal ever!!

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  1. I received this cross body strap from Fashionphile today and am so happy with it!! It's silly I know, but I absolutely love this thing!! Makes it so easy to throw on and run out the door...definitely a keeper! Funny how sometimes the littlest things make me the happiest!! :happydance:

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  2. I think I saw that on there! Very cute and definitely practical!!
  3. Thanks Venessa...yes, they had two listed when I bought this one!
  4. No reveal too small! :smile:

    Congrats!! I'm sure it will be very useful!
  5. Never too small of a reveal :smile: great purchase that'll cone in handy!! Enjoy!
  6. Nice! I think I have you beat.. I once revealed a LV Lock! :lol:
  7. Haha, very true! Thx!'re so right!! ;)

    I love that...OK, you win!! :biggrin:
  8. Fantastic find and practical too!! Thanks for sharing!! :smile:

    Thank you and have a grand day!! :smile:
  9. Nice & useful, Congrats!
  10. I bought my damier ebene strap from them! It was an eva strap but I use it on my pochette nm so I can wear it cross body. It was one of the best investments I've made so I understand your happiness!
  11. That is a great addition to your pochette! Congrats, am happy for you that you're so happy! :biggrin:
  12. Congrats! I bought a strap as well recently haha! From yoogis! :smile:

  13. I once considered revealing my agenda pen refill 😂 but I didn't do it lol
  14. Thanks, you too!! :smile:

    Thanks so much!

    Oh perfect...I have a Speedy B in DE so I use that strap to wear my DE pochette NM cross-body but I actually like the eva strap better because it's thinner than the Speedy B strap.

    Thanks so much for your nice comment!! :biggrin:
    Oh nice! Love Yoogi's too!!

    That's awesome, lol...I totally get it though, when I found a pen to fit my pm agenda I wanted to share it too!!
  15. Never too small! Very popular item, congrats