Smallest purse that fits medium camera - pictures

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  1. #1 Mar 29, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2014
    I started using a compact digicam instead of my cell phone for pictures, and now my smallest purses (wristlets, clutch and pochette size) are too small. I'm wondering what you guys do when you need to keep money, camera, cell phone and a few other things on you? What kind of (smallest possible) purse do you use? With pictures. Different size cameras OK. Also, do you put it in a pouch or case inside the purse to protect it, or just put it in without protection? I prefer those that sit right under the shoulder with a small shoulder strap, but any type is fine as an answer.

    My camera has a lens that protrudes, so it's 1.45" at the widest point. But even other camera sizes would be interesting to see.
  2. The smallest purse I use for my camera is the PS1 Pouch (pic), the camera is 3.5" with the plastic lens shade. I don't use additional protection because the lens shade is flexible. I have to downsize the wallet when carrying this bag though.

  3. It wasn't quite as bad as I thought. I just assumed it wouldn't fit. This is a small Rioni. Not sure of the model (same as in my album on my profile). It's taller than the LV mini pochette and a little longer. The camera fits sidewise, but my 4" phone doesn't fit lengthwise - they overlap slightly. They would fit without overlap in the slightly bigger Rioni Shoulder Fender, which I think is the same size as the LV pochette old model. With a bigger phone, it would probably be too tight. The protruding lens doesn't appear to be a problem.


    How would a compact camera fit into an LV Eva, LV pochette new model? And any other small popular purses?