Smallest Love Cuff too big ... other options?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm looking at the love collection, but can't stand to wear jewelry at home or when I run (and I run a lot) so thought the love cuff would be the best option. But if I move my arm enough, the size 16 cuff can fall off. Of course, I can't imagine shaking my wrist/arm that much, but it would always weigh on my mind.

    So maybe I should get the bangle version? If so, I'd want one that I can slip off my hand. The size 16 bangle slips up about halfway to my elbow. I didn't think to try to slip my hand out of it, but I don't think I could. But if I went up a size to a 17, the movement up and down my arm would drive me crazy. Size 17 looks extremely loose on me.

    Or do you think I should just stick with the 16 cuff or should I just give up and look elsewhere? I can't fathom having any jewelry on 24/7. I can barely stand wearing gloves when I run in the cold or a running watch. I can't imagine putting a headband/elastic over a bracelet when running.

    If I should drop it, do you have any suggestions for something similar to the love cuff but for a smaller wrist?
  2. Why not something custom in 18k gold that fits you perfect, is easy to take off and then is completely unique as well!

    I know the Love is an iconic bracelet, but there are so many other options and your only limit is your imagination. Plus you'll get way more gold for your money and less depreciation :smile:

    I was thinking of purchasing a pre owned JUC because I love the simplistic design, the crossover section on the arm and the fact it's easily removable. But as I've gotten closer to being able to purchase one, I've realised I don't really have an affinity with the actual design. And although the brand name is impressive and has a rich history, it's not really personal to me. There are hundreds of thousands of Loves and JUCs all over the world and I think I discovered the brand name wasn't the most important thing to me. It was having the perfectly designed bracelet.

    So I'm having a custom bracelet made by a sculptor in the US in solid gold and diamonds :smile: Might an idea like this interest you?
  3. Yes, it's something I'm thinking about, definitely much more "bang for your buck". I actually wasn't into the love until I saw a friend have it stacked and it looked so elegant on her. But alas, it seems it's not meant to be for me. Thank you for you opinion @nexiv
  4. No worries. I've actually found the process of searching for the right person to make my bracelet really enjoyable. And I spent ages browsing forums and images and designers for inspiration (I'm crap at coming up with ideas from scratch!) it was the perfect excuse to spend hours browsing jewellery knowing I was getting to create something even better!
  5. If you did want something branded Bvlgari do a B.Zero 1 cuff or bangle in various different options (I have a steel and rose gold cuff, but I've seen all gold, rose with ceramic, white gold and diamond) and their small size is 15cms I believe so may fit you better if you like the style! :smile:
  6. I was the same way as you. I wanted to be able to take my jewelry off 123 so I got the Cartier JUC then I went to get the love cuff and didn't love it on me so I got the love bangle which I thought would take some major getting used to and honestly I forget it's even on now. It's been 5 months and counting and I've never taken it off. I go for runs with it on all the time.
  7. Agreed. Bvulgari cuffs work for a small wrist. I really like them.
  8. Thanks @missyb and @MyDogTink for all the recommendations. I"ll look at the Bvlgari cuff.

    Does it annoy you when running? How about all the movement up and down the arm when running? Even when I have my garmin on tight, it starts moving once I start sweating. Have you done any halfs/marathons with it on? What about speed work - like 6:30 pace miles?
  9. I bought the cuff for that reason. I could not stand wearing a hard love bracelet through any kind of run, let alone a speed workout. Too much movement. I have a VCA sweet that I have worn through speed workouts at 6:30 pace and half marathons. I take everything off except my studs when I do a full. When I retire from full marathons I will get a full white gold love for my left arm. Maybe...

    And I also worried about the cuff falling off because I have very skinny wrists, 5 inches, under 13cm. But so far no prob. And admittedly I take it off for chores, high intensity and weight workouts too. The cuff works for my lifestyle.
  10. Thank you @EpiFanatic ! I can't even imagine wearing a VCA sweet bracelet during a run - maybe it's not so bad because it's so dainty? I don't even wear studs, I'd probably check them constantly and lose my pace! We have similar measurements so I'm relieved that the cuff feels more secure on. Did you squeeze it a little smaller?

    So jealous you run marathons, I don't have the time yet to train for them.
  11. You can't (shouldn't) squeeze the cuff. It is what it is. You would be surprised how durable the sweet is. It's super light so I don't even remember it's on. Never had a problem with my studs. I would say go for the love cuff. Even if you went custom which I did consider and I even met with a designer, it won't scratch the itch for the cuff. I predict you will go back to it even if you don't get it now.
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  12. I could swear there's a 15cm that can be special ordered. Might be worth calling Cartier and asking.
  13. @restricter Yes, you can special order 15, but my SA said the cost is an extra 30%! She also said at that point, you might as well special order any size you want ... like 15.31 cm etc.

    @EpiFanatic I was thinking about making a custom cuff, but you're right that I would still want the love cuff. Also, I feel overwhelmed when I have lots and lots of choices, which is why I hate remodeling.

  14. I wear my love bracelet (not bangle) and HATE having bracelets on at work so I'm wearing a sweatband over it almost all day. I know it's ridiculous which is why I didn't wear mine at first but this time once it's on, it's ON.