Smallest bag that will fit sunglasses

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  1. I'm looking for a workhorse bag that I can carry every day this upcoming summer or throw into a larger tote if traveling, etc.

    Opinions on the smallest bag I can buy from Chanel that will fit a pair of sunglasses? Mini rectangular? I don't think they'd fit in WOC but would love opinions on your go-tos. Other items I'd need to carry: keys, cards, iPhone XS max (unfortunately huge phone) - seems like sunglasses will be the most limiting in terms of the bag size I need.
  2. Hi. I think you are right that sunglasses will require the most space if you plan to carry them in a huge case. Do you want to carry your sunglasses in huge case or are you willing to take them out of the case and use something soft?
  3. Thanks for your reply, I am willing to use a soft case with them - I’m not one for expensive sunglasses as I always somehow manage to lose or break them!
  4. Switching to a soft sunglass case is the key. I have been using a soft case exclusively for a few years and have no issue with my sunglasses getting misshapen, yet the lenses are scratch free. I can fit my phone, key fob, cards and sunglasses in a WOC, but a mini rectangular would definitely give you more room to add a few extras.
  5. Wow no way, I can't believe sunglasses will fit in the WOC. Definitely a huge plus. Thank you!
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  6. I purchased a pair of folding Raybans, which I only use in my small bags. I know they fit in my classic medium, and would likely fit in a mini as well.
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  7. my sunglasses fit in my WOC. i wanted to buy a mini originally but they weren't selling any caviar mini's in store. went for a WOC and it fits almost the same amount considering you dont need a wallet
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  8. I have a small boy and I can fit aviators easier in them instead of big glasses.
  9. the mini rectangular surprisingly fits a lot of items. I bought one in store last December and can't believe how much it fits. Will definitely fit sunglasses and so much more.
  10. When I had a smaller phone, I could fit my phone and smaller sunnies in my WOC. Now that I use prescription, I have larger sunnies and a bigger phone, they definitely do not fit in my WOC. They fit in my mini, but not with a hard case.
  11. Yup. My black WOC was one of two bags I took to Paris last spring (the other was my Prada mini Camera bag).
    I was able to fit my passport, credit cards, phone, a small lipstick and my sunglasses in a soft sunglasses pouch right on top. I had to place them in the right direction, so it may take a few times to get the right fit, but once you get it right, it closes and snaps no problem, and without bulging or looking overstuffed.
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  12. I personally wouldn't recommend throwing a Mini rectangular or Mini reissue into a tote, but I think Mini is better than WOC if you plan on regularly carrying sunglasses.

    WOC can somewhat fit SLIM sunglasses, but it will be pretty jam-packed and not all sunnies fit in them. WOC is better for tossing into totes (get caviar if you will definitely use WOC for this purpose.)

    I really want a Mini reissue that came out just in 2019, since they are slightly roomier than the classic rectangular Minis, plus they have 4 grommets that allows for very easy and versatile changing of chain lengths.

    So, Mini reissue is the most versatile small Chanel bag in my opinion.
  13. Thank you! I LOVE the mini reissue but went to look at it in store and agree it's not quite right for throwing into a tote. I'll probably go with a caviar WOC. I also didn't realize how short the straps are on the mini reissue - I'm very tall and it hit above my hipbone when I wore it crossbody. Not a good look for me! I think you are right that it's super versatile but I would have to get the chain lengthened, which I don't really want to do. Thanks again for your advice!
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  14. Oops, I did not know you are so tall. :smile:

    Personally when I owned my caviar WOC, I didn't have the heart to throw it inside a bigger bag. When I carry bigger bags like totes, I'm often carrying laptops or books as well, and while the caviar leather (in black especially) is durable, it will still show wear over time. The quilts can get indented and the corners will wear if it's treated rough (I saw pictures of pre-loved WOCs that had obviously gone through a lot). It's a beautiful, elegant piece so I used it gently for going super light or evenings when I didn't have to carry sunglasses. But I found that there weren't enough opportunities in my lifestyle to use it that way so I let mine go.

    If you want a no-fuss mini bag to throw around in a beach tote, etc. I would strongly recommend you consider a non-luxury or non-premium luxury WOC-style thing that you wouldn't mind getting beaten up a bit. Or something like an LV canvas item as canvas can withstand a much more rugged existence. Just my 2 cents :heart:

    Happy shopping!
  15. That is a really good point, I do carry my laptop most times when I have a tote. Maybe LV canvas would be better. I'd like something really versatile that can be a day to night bag when I'm traveling so that's why the WOC appealed to me. I also saw a youtube review of the Senreve belt bag that actually looks like it could fit the bill! We'll see :smile: Thanks again for your advice.