Smaller Phoebe

  1. Oh goodness.... I need to see a photo!!!
  2. Really? They told you that yesterday? Ugh. This is what frustrates me! Well, I'm not getting my hopes up for Aug. 24th & will call again as that date approaches!
  3. It definitely looks like a Phoebe to me! But I'm not sure if it's a Small one... However, since it has gold hardware many of us are going to be disappointed if it IS the Grey Quartz Small Phoebe.
  4. I hope that's not the Grey Quartz. I will be beyond disappointed is A) its not embossed like the Legacy Grey Quartz and B) that is a PURLE bag, unless I am colorblind. If B is the case, I officially give up on the Coach Color Wizard.
  5. It's got to either be the Grey Quartz or Black Violet... but too light for the BV... ??? Which other color could it possibly be?
  6. SA was able to preorder black violet small phoebe today. So excited. Love this color and this bag.
  7. I just preordered mine too!! & used my 25% off!!!! WOOOOO!! August 27!!
  8. Instore?
  9. I called the SA at my store and she pre-ordered for me!! :smile:
  10. So, it IS August... Not October? I am SOOOO happy, excited, & smiling like a sleepy goofball (it's 3:38am). I'm going to preorder mine on my lunch break! We're all going to be Bag Twins, LOL!

    BTW: Why (& how) do some people get discounts? & what do I need to do in order to be eligible for PCEs? I registered w Coach & "Liked" them on Facebook... But I guess they don't like me back :sad: Any advice?
  11. Yay!! I. Can't wait for us all to be twins!!! Usually buying in FP, they will give the discount to you. But buying will increase your chances of getting pce. I think?! Sometimes I think it's just random though! But yay for small black violet phoebe! $328 isn't bad regardless of pce!! :smile:
  12. Very true!! It's the 1st time I'll be buying myself a FP Coach purse. But because its THIS particular purse, I'm more excited than anything else :smile: Would haaaate to spend that amount of money on anything else, though, LOL! Thanks for the PCE advice :smile:
  13. Thought this would be good info in this thread -- small Phoebe intel from my SA:

    I am going to try to find out the colors for the gathered twist small phoebe. I hope something besides black and putty. Will there be a BV twist, or scarlet, or brick red? I must know! Willing to wait for Nov if so, since I am only allowing myself one more bag purchase in 2013.
  14. Ok got this info:

  15. Great info. Can't wait to see the new colors. Especially the brick red and dark teal.