Smaller patent navy Audrey at Macys?

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    HAs anyone seen this at Macy's or any other dept store?
  2. This is what I am looking for as well, the small Navy cinch tote. I called my outlet but they just have the large.
  3. Me too! Maybe they'll show up on the online sale soon.
  4. Let me know of you find them anywhere and I'll do the same :smile:
  5. Will do.
  6. Anyone see this at the outlet or anywhere else this weekend?

  7. Try Lahaska PA for smaller
    A friend got one yesterday
  8. I saw quite a few at the Silver Sands Outlet in FL when I went on Friday.
  9. I called the Silver Sands outlet, and they are all gone. Boy is this a hard color to find in the small. I went to my outlet today, and they only had the large..grrrr.
  10. Awww, I'm sorry, I hope you can find one! I bought mine with last PCE, and although I paid more than what they are at the outlets for now, I'm glad I got her. Good Luck!:smile:
  11. Thanks, may just have to forget it.
  12. This. I used $100 off $300, so I guess three PCEs ago. I'm glad I did, I guess this is a hard one to find. Good luck, girls.