Smaller Campana VS Larger Campana

  1. Well, I'm REALLY REALLY in love the Campana style....however here in Michigan I don't have the privilege of going to a BV boutique and trying one on :sad:

    So I'm asking.....does anyone own the small or large OR if you are extra lucky BOTH the small and large if you could please post a pick of them next to one another.....or please post a pick of you wearing it. I'm really torn about which size to get.

    THANK YOU :flowers:
  2. What is your height/body frame/approx. weight...maybe we can help you pick.
  3. I'm 5'2'ish and more on the average+ side. I don't have a petite frame, I'm more of an athletic build. I tend to find larger bags look better on me, but I worry this BV could be a little too big.

    For those who know the 31 Hermes Bolide....that size worked really well for me.

  4. Were you lucky enough to locate one???
  5. emanu-here's a thread that has info on the sizes, and there is a picture of the larger Campana:

    I have had both sizes, and still have two in the smaller size. It's strictly a personal preference, obviously, but I love the smaller size. The larger Campana can get a bit heavy- if it's in the solid leather. The larger woven certainly makes a beautiful statement, while the smaller is a great everyday bag.
  6. Jayge, still on the hunt...:search:

    Marly, Thank you SO much for the help. If at all possible, could you post a pic of your small and large next to one another? I'm just wondering if that 4" makes a really big noticeable difference.
  7. Sorry, but unfortunately I no longer have the large Campana. Maybe someone else might have a picture...