Small zipped Bayswater as babybag?

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  1. I had a baby 6 weeks ago and am looking for a good babybag to have his and mine stuff in it on the baby trolley. I have the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM at the moment but don’t like that I can’t close the bag if bad weather etc...

    Been eyeing the Small zipped Bayswater in rose water and I love it especially the long shoulder strap option it comes with.

    Question is do you think it would work as baby bag? Anybody who owns the bag and can show approx how much it fits? Is it heavy?

    Unfortunately I don’t have the option to go to store and try it on. (Please excuse my bad English).
  2. I have a small zipped Bays (in navy blue) that I use for work - love it!

    Totally personal opinion: I wouldn’t use any Mulberry as a baby bag as I’d be too worried about marking/ damaging it - I used a Storksak changing bag that looked nice and was also very practical!
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  3. I would agree with Skater - a small zipped Bayswater is probably not the best choice for a baby bag. Whilst it can fit a good amount in, it can feel heavy (for me anyway).
  4. In my opinion, the bag might be a little too heavy to use as a baby bag, plus the liner is suede. I would be too worried to spill anything in the bag. It is probably a little small for baby bag too.
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