Small Zipped Bays

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  1. I was bad today, and came home with this:


    Some of you may remember I had this bag last year in oxblood, but moved it on and got the burgundy small quilted Bays instead... well, this one is lighter weight and a nice navy (not too dark) with silver hardware, which I love... so having considered and faffed about for a while, I decided to go for it!
  2. Congrats! You have the best bags!
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  3. Erm... I think the crown goes to you CP, but thanks anyway :smile:
  4. Very beautiful! I especially like the cross grain leather. Too bad it doesn’t come in black!
  5. I love the Zipped Bayswater! It was my first Mulberry that I saved up for my birthday last July. I bought it in Oxblood :smile:
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  6. Hehe!
  7. Lovely choice of style and colour! I’m sure you’ll get real pleasure from using this.
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