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  1. Although I usually prefer a long full-size wallet, I have been looking at the smaller wallets and there are some great wallets that are small but hold a lot.

    I currently have the Bloomsbury PM and the Odeon PM, the reason I am looking for something small. I do not want to fold my dollar bills.

    Looking at:

    Helene (love the change pocket in this wallet)
    Alexandra (love that it holds so many cards and the bill holder)
    Marie-Lou (probably my least favorite of the above two)

    I'm going to look at these in the store next week to see how they feel.

    Anyone have any of these and thoughts??
  2. I would hugely reccomend the anais wallet. There is a zip coin compartment, you don't have to fold your bills and 6 cc slots (more if you don't mind doubling up). The is also a section at the front for my store cards. Otherwise the ZCP is another great wallet!!
  3. Hi,

    This is my 1st post :smile: ..... I had been looking at the Anais Wallet, as well as the Helene. When you put change in the Anais coin compartment, does it hold that much & does it bulge out much at the back with the coins? I ask, as it looks quite a narrow coin opening.
    I like the coin compartment in the Helene.... but, do like the features of the Anais & the golden button & zip pull :biggrin:
    I've just received the Emilie in fuschia - its beautiful. Unfortunately have started to notice tiny problems on the outside leather button already, so am not happy :sad: ....... So am relooking at the Anais & Helene (am too nervous to have another Emilie, as button problems seem quite common)

    Thanks for any help you can give... Would really appreciate it :smile:
  4. Welcome to tPF! Now you have found it you'll never leave ;)

    The anais wallet is great. I use it every day. I have taken some pictures for you showing pretty much the max capacity of the coin section. I hope it helps. It can hold more than you think!

    Attached Files:

  5. Oh wow... Thank you so much. It really does hold a lot of coins (& Id have less than what you pictured).... I don't need many card slots and then just the slot for UK notes.
    Its funny you saying about not leaving :biggrin: .... Have been lurking for a while, doing my research and looking at other people's LV goodies..... I only found 1 Youtube video of the Anais, but do remember seeing your pics recently.
    Have to decide between Helene and Anais now :oh:

    Thanks again for the pics, was really kind of you :ty:
  6. You're welcome! I really don't understand why the anais is not more popular. It's a lovely little purse. I love that I can throw it around and not worry about it. It's also not a huge amount of mono so I don't feel conspicuous using it. Let me know what you end up choosing!
  7. Helene was my first LV wallet and I love it. Fits perfectly in my Eva's, Bloomsbury pm, Odeon Pm and pochettes.
  8. I love the Anais wallet. It's more like a real wallet when you open it to reach anything. The zcp is more like a coin holder imho.
  9. I have the Alexandra wallet and I love it ...except when you fill it with cards the flap is lop sided or it is on mine at least.
    Drives me insane but I still love it lol.
    I'll add a pic (excuse the writing on the pic)
  10. Hi,

    Well, I rang Louis Vuitton, to request a collection of the Emilie... After much thought, I'm exchanging it for the Helene....but I appreciate seeing your pics, really helped in making the best decision for me.
    The Anais will always be there for another time maybe :lol:
    Thank you :smile:
  11. I'm leaning towards the Helene. But, I will have to see it in person.

    Hoping to go to LV this Friday to see the new Delightful Azur and will be looking at small wallets then.
  12. Hello.
    Me too. Cannot decided between anais vs helene wallet.
    I think anais not so popular because the wallet (from in front)is just like a rigid envelope. ;)
    For model, i like helene. But not sure about the coin compartment in the middle, it seems quite disturbing. But i like the bills compartment.
    For anais, its a simple and effective wallet i think.
  13. I bought the Anais and I Love it!

    It holds a lot more than you would think and it fits in all the smaller bags. I have since bought a Twinset and it works great with it. It also fits really nicely in the Pochette NM. It's really a great wallet.

    My SA recommended it by saying it was his favorite small wallet. I was going back through my LV receipts and I actually bought the Helene wallet in 2012 and returned it. I don't even remember why??
  14. I used to have the older model Anais when it was a flap cover for coins. I love how it is a zipper compartment now. This wallet can hold a ton!! I had this wallet for years and it was my favorite!! I upgraded to bigger wallets now. Good luck!!
  15. Hi. Need your opinion.
    Is it the bills compartment on anais roomy enough? How many bills can fit and keep the wallet close nicely?
    Is it the mouth on bills compartment can open wide enough?
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