Small wallet with big features!!

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  1. I have been using a long zippy wallet for a while and although it is great to have all cards and coins and notes packed into one wallet, it can get heavy and cummbersome to carry around, plus I am moving towards smaller bags, and my big wallet just taking up too much of space.

    Can anyone recommend a smaller wallet (french purse preferred) that has at least 12-16 cards compartment, a compartment for notes and coins...brand is not very important but it has to be well made as I don't baby my wallet :P

    I hope it is not too tall an order :nuts:
  2. I am not sure but smaller wallet only have 6 or 8 credit card slot.
    Maybe someone will chime in.
  3. The roomiest small wallet I have found is the Coach Hamptons french purse. The Coach Ergo french purse had the same configuration of slots. The french purses with this many slots are not in stores at the moment but they pop up a lot ebay, the Bonz, etc. 10 cc slots, 2 bill compartments, a change pocket, and ID window. :tup: They are great wallets and you can find them in a ton of colors, leathers or fabrics.
  4. i like MbMJ's

  5. LV Joey, Alexandria, Koala or French purse are great compact sizes.
  6. I've actually been looking for the same thing lately and have been having a hard time -- it seems like no one's carrying smaller wallets! I did look at two smaller wallets today from Dior that were kind of nice. One is a medium sized French wallet and the other was the same style only smaller. I believe the medium one had either 10 or 12 cc slots while the smaller one had 8. They both had two slip pockets for currency and/or receipts and a coin pocket with snap closure. They were quilted lamb's leather (very soft) and came in a rainbow of colors. The smaller one was $550, the medium sized one was $590

    (this is the smaller of the two - the medium is about half the size of the average zip around wallet)

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  8. How about this one, it's Pierotucci for €106 and comes in lots of colours?

  9. This looks so functional! Love your Avatar!