Small Wallet Option - Smart Wallet in Damier Graphite

  1. Has 6 credit card slots and a slip pocket behind 3 of them, a bill section, and a zippered coin pocket. I’ve been downsizing my wallets and this is a fantastic option if you are looking for a smaller wallet. Damier Graphite retails for 540US and also comes in Epi for 635US. Men’s section.

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  2. Love it!!!
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  3. Love this wallet too! Got it in the Summer and it has become a favourite. Prices in CDN - Damier Graphite $620, Epi $730.
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  4. I looked at it once. I liked it except for the snap.
  5. This wallet is so compact. Thanks for sharing.
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  6. What did you dislike about the snap?
  7. My concern is the constant pulling on it on a daily basis over time and how it might stretch or pull the leather and/or whether the snap would pull or tear out if I wasn't careful enough. I'm not spending that much money on a wallet when I think there are better options in the same price range or even lower.

    I remember discussing it with the SA, and she basically agreed, stating that there was a reason why there was only one of those in the store.
  8. I love it, what a great size and lots of options. I too like smaller wallets. Very nice :smile:
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  9. This is a great wallet and I hope you enjoy it! I have it on my wishlist.
  10. Love this! I’m going to try find it in store to see. Tired of using my canvas key pouch as a wallet (nightmare to fold cash) and a separate coin purse.
  11. Ive been eyeing this wallet..Can you tell me if it fits bills?