Small Wallet... Need advice...

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  1. I found this Coin Purse for the Price of €130 incl shipping.


    I think I´d need sth for my Eva. I already have a Rose Pop Cles. Do I really need this too??? Experts, please Advice... Or should I settle for a vernis ZCP?
  2. I vote vernis zcp...I was just looking at that!!!!!
  3. Does the ZCP fit the Eva?
  4. I'd get one in vernis :smile:
  5. From what I saw the day before yesterday: yes it will! :smile:
  6. I forgot to say that the coin Purse has the same colour combo as my Wapity.
  7. I vote VERNIS! :smile:
  8. yes, it does! as a matter of fact I can fit my roses zippy wallet in side of my eva!:nuts::nuts:
  9. Vernis!
  10. I like the Vernis ZCP better :P !!
  11. Huh... This is a hard decision... The vernis is double price... But I think you are right... Thank you all...
  12. Vernis!!
  13. Yes, definitely vernis. It's the perfect POP!
  14. Vernis ZCP!
  15. I like the look of the MC PMP but the ZCP definitely is more fun !