Small Wallet Considerations...


Which small wallet to get...

  1. MC Flat Coin Purse in MC Black

  2. Epi Ludlow - Black or Red...

  3. Can I mix Vernis with Epi...if yes - what color?!? =)

  4. Other: Please make your suggestion for my Epi Clutch Purse.

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  1. Hello
    I recently bought an Epi Montaigne Clutch. I have a monogram Pochette Wallet - but it's wayyy too big :crybaby:

    But its ok - it just means I want a new small wallet. :yes:

    I love the Eugenie Wallet - but the height appears to be too high. Can anyone confirm this wallet will not work for the Epi Montaigne Clutch. I'm pretty sure its the height that is too big. :sad:

    So....Next month..I'm deciding on what wallet I want to get for my Epi Purse. I will also use this same small wallet I buy for my MC Black Rift. I also plan on checking out the 4 Key Holder in MC. I'm just so undecided. I just thought I would ask for help here, some might suggest something I haven't considered.

    :shrugs: Not sure - I love so many different small wallets.
  2. Congrats on the Epi Montaigne Clutch!! Gorgeous piece!
    I have one in black and use the Vernis Ludlow in Pomme d'Amour.
    Only thing is if you go for the Vernis, I would keep it in its dustbag.

    Have fun!

    BTW, I voted for Epi in Red.
  3. i vote for venis pomme ludlow to match with your epi montaige and black MC Rift
  4. i would definitely go for the ludlow. it depends on what color your montaigne clutch is. but between the choices you gave...i'd have to go with red. :smile:
  5. i'd go with either black epi or pomme ludlow :smile:
  6. I think that the ludlow is perfect.
    Holds everything in a small scale.
  7. :yes::yes::yes:
  8. MC just looks so cute on wallets - go for it!
  9. my vote goes to my favorite lil wallet. MC cozy. it's cute and holds a lot. I used it this weekend for my azur pochette and I fit my drivers license, 3 credit cards, and about 6 bills folded in half (so it shows that it's got a large capacity). I suggest that.
  10. MC Black Coin Purse!!!
  11. Go with the ludlow - definitely!!!! I have 2 IDs, about 7-10 CC, and paper money in mine. (no coins) If you choose to use the little pouch for coins, you're only going to get 2 IDs and maybe 4 CCs. But I LOVE the ludlow - I wish they would come out with a MC. It's perfect - fits in your back pocket if you need it to and holds everything that I need.
  12. MC Porte Monnaie Plat vote here!