Small vs full size wallet?

  1. Need advise.... I am planning on buying my first LV wallet :smile: my dilemma? Should I get Something small such as a zippy coin purse or a full size wallet such as the emilie wallet? Outside of Louis Vuitton I have never owned a full size wallet but I figure it may be the time to do so now and what better than LV.(. I don't have many cards)

    Suggestions please! I value the opinions of everyone on this forum.

    Thank you!
  2. i recently bought the zippy compact wallet and absolutely love it. previously i had been carrying a coach wallet with the same size and layout as the full size zippy. the thing that's so great about the zippy compact wallet is that it carries all of the things i had in the larger version but takes up less space so it can easily go from my large bags to my smaller ones. hope this helps .
  3. I like medium myself. But my lv wallet is a zcp. If if mk wallet dies i may get a zcw.

    I love the look of longer wallets. But why get something bigger then u need and have to switch each time u use a smaller bag
  4. I have both small and large. I love them equally. But, I have lots of cards and I like to carry my check book and register, so I need a big wallet daily. When I want to use a small bag I switch to just the essentials in my zcp. It really depends on what you feel the need to have with you on a daily basis. I've had my zippy organizer since 2005 and haven't purchased another wallet since! It really is made so well!! I love it! I just purchased the zcp for special occasions.
  5. I have a mono zippy wallet and like you I don't have alot of cards. I love how it looks, and how I can fit my phone in it if needed and wear it as a clutch.. However in all honesty as a daily wallet I really don't need all that space. Sure it's nice, but now I'm thinking about getting the zippy coin purse to use as an everyday wallet especially since I go to school almost everyday to just throw it into my backpack. Looking back now I'm happy I have it as an option but if it came down to it I would definitely use a smaller wallet as an everyday wallet.. Hope that helps :smile:
  6. Thanks guys ... Very good points made .... I'm just so torn between ZCP in vernis and the red emilie wallet :sad:. I love them both but can't buy both at the same time
  7. I also have the zippy compact and previously carried wallets with the same layout as the full size zippy as well. I love my zippy compact, best wallet I've ever owned. Love the size and the fact that it holds sooo much!
  8. I have an Emilie and Sara but plan on getting a maybe ZCP or biz card holder.

    I downsized from Sara to Emilie. With the Sara, i tend to put a lot of cards even the ones i don't use often. And for some reason i stuff coupons and receipts there too. If you're the type who wants to carry everything in one wallet Sara is pretty good. I like that you open it up and you can see everthing you have in there, with slim to zero chance of stuff falling out.

    I'm using the Emilie right now. Its a simpler Sara to me. It forces me to simplify and carry only the cards i use often in 4 front slots, cash in the middle and some biz cards in the back compartment. I use a different pouchie for other credit cards/debit/rewards/library/etc. And another pouchie for receipts and coupons.

    I'm planning on getting a ZCP or biz card holder or maybe cles pretty soon. Something to use when i'm carrying my Pochette or Bloomsbury, since Emilie/Sara may/can be too big.

  9. My story is almost exactly the same! I have and use both the zippy organizer and ZCP. I purchased my zippy org in 2010 and have used it every day since; still looks as new as the first day I bought it! I recently purchased the ZCP to use with my Eva clutch for special occasions, quick trips to the store on weekends, going to Disneyland, going skiing etc. anytime I only need a few cards and some cash and not the whole to do!

    I suggest getting a larger size now and waiting to see if you need something smaller for occasional use. Better to have too much room than not enough.
  10. Very well said..... Thanks!
  11. I say go w/the Emilie. I feel that a medium-sized wallet is more practical. Then down the line, go for the ZCP.

    Just my .02:smile:
  12. It really is!! Love them both! And, I take mine to Disneyland too! :smile:
  13. Does it fit receipts, or you put them somewhere else?
  14. I have the Insolite wallet & I absolutely love it!! Its great for when your on the go & also great to carry as a cluch for a night out! It might be one to consider :biggrin:
  15. I have zippy wallet and zcp, zippy is my everyday wallet and I love it. I use zcp in my smaller bags or if I needed to run quick errands before I got my cles. Good luck deciding!