Small Vanity with classic chain

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  1. sorry I dont have the mini O case
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  2. Yes a mini o case fits! I'm not sure if it fits the phone + case, I believe it will but can check using my phone (iphone SE).
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  3. Thank you.kindly can you post a pic with both of them .
  4. Here you go, this is the mini o-case in the small vanity. I was using my phone to take the photo, but can confirm both the phone (iPhone SE) and o-case fit, with room to spare for a few small items (when I was carrying it in March, I usually brought along a lipstick, chapstick, tissue, wet wipes and a tiny old iPod). In my opinion, this fits more than my mini and M/L! :nuts:

    I tried fitting my husband's iPhone 11 and it doesn't fit in the vanity if you combine it with the o-case. He has a rather thick phone case, so it might be possible to fit the phone if one has a slimmer case.

    I'm not very happy that the o-case has to be positioned diagonally to fit in the vanity, so I am planning to switch over to my regular coin purse when I am able to.

    Hope this helps!

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  5. Couldn’t agree more. Before I would take no as an answer but then I would start calling the store or visiting stores to network. Time consuming.... I know but it paid out. Same thing with LV. When I started my journey with LV 5 years ago I bought a bag and didn’t know any SAs and now I managed to have contacts in several States. Each one has a different strength and different contacts.
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  6. Hi all, I have an SA who has the lamb skin mini vanity with large gold ball and is taking preorders on more for PF.

    If anyone still looking for this happy to share SA info!
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  7. Hi can you please share your SA’s info? TIA!
  8. Any ideas on the likely increase on this piece? I estimate significant as it seems to me the bags that have been hit hardest are those that are value for money.
  9. I heard the price increase is $50 for this piece so it will be $1550. I watched a YouTube video about the price increase for this piece.
  10. Thanks but I’m in the UK and suspect it may be a lot more. I thought $1550 was the old price but I may be mistaken
  11. I just watched a YouTube video where this piece was purchased in March for $1550
  12. It was definitely 1550.00. I just got mine. I had found it right before the shutdown and I had to wait to have it shipped.
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  13. Hi @shoprgrl !!! May I please have your SA’s info to pre-order the mini vanity?!?
  14. PM’d you :smile: