Small Vanity with classic chain

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  1. So interesting -- thanks for the intel! That explains why it's so hard to track down and why it seems that so few units were available in any market (and why SAs are saying they will not be receiving any more units). I hope they bring it back in a future season, as well as other styles that may have been canceled due to the pandemic.
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  2. Wow thats insane! I rather add a few hundreds more and buy a small mini if im spending in the 3k price range for this vanity case... personally the only reason i considered this style was due to $1500 price range / size and in my opinion a good compromise to the mini that is on my forever wish list!
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  3. No problem. I suspect given the demand and very short window this bag had it will come back. Hopefully in different colours but at a slightly higher price point. Tip: Stores will say they ‘Don’t transfer,’ but they do in Europe anyways. They’re cautious, they don’t want items going to Resellers. You need a good SA and persistence. Locate the item and contact that boutique. Try and speak with a good SA or Manager and they will transfer or ship to you. Just be kind. I’ve tried and tested this across Europe and it’s worked. You can then build up SA contacts and establish yourself as a valued client for difficult to source items.
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  4. Yes, I think (well, I hope) that it will come back, too! And thanks for the tip -- I do have a great SA who will transfer stuff for me under normal conditions -- she's done it before & always goes above & beyond helping me source hard-to-find items wherever they may be in the US. She told me that due to the pandemic, though, boutiques are declining to transfer among themselves. Maybe this isn't true, but I do trust her and it makes sense given that none of the boutiques are actually open and associates are only allowed to go in a couple of days a week for a few hours at a time. I actually have a couple of SAs at different stores & none have been able to find this bag anywhere, so I think it really is sold out for the time being. This is the only bag I'm looking for right now, so I'll just have to wait and see what happens when stores open back up in June!
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  5. Exactly! There is no way I'm paying an extra $1500 for this bag ... it's cute, but not that cute IMHO LOL. Might as well save that $$$ and put it toward a classic flap or something else. Especially because I suspect CC will reissue this bag (or something like it) in the future. It will be more, but it probably won't be THAT much more.. :hrmm:
  6. Michelle Tyson's corner 703-531-7394
  7. I heard these are coming back in future seasons, so don't fret!
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  8. Can someone confirm whether the small vanity fits an iPhone plus?
  9. yes it does (mini does not)
  10. Thank you. I got confused cause some people said that the mini o case doesn't fit and the iPhone plus is a bit longer in length.
  11. hm interesting. I looked at the dimensions:

    the small vanity w/ chain is 3.7 × 6.6 × 3.1 in
    my iphone xs max is 3.05 x 6.20 x 0.30 in, so fits fine
    the mini o case is 3.7 × 5.9 × 0.4 in .. so maybe the issue would be the height?
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  12. Thanks so much for this information and for providing the dimensions, it's very useful. It must be the height of the mini o case, which is causing it not to fit.
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  13. This Iphone XS Max fits my vanity case no problem.

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  14. Do you have a mini o case .does it fit inside .Tnx
  15. This is perfect. Thanks!