Small Vanity with classic chain

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  1. Wow, that MYR price is terrific. That's actually cheaper than buying in Canada once you add in our sales tax. I hope you get one!!
  2. There are two varieties of this vanity? I saw the site had one with the adjustable chain ball thing as well. Does anyone have that yet?
  3. Yes two versions!!! The one with the adjustable ball is also in lamb.

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  4. I think Chanel stores are opening this week but private appointments only in Sydney. Do you think it would be worth trying to get a hold of this bag or will it be almost impossible?
  5. Does the small vanity case fit an iPhone 8 plus?
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  6. I just called customer services to reserve a black vanity but they took my contact information when stores open back up...can you send me your SA info so I can purchased through her when they reopen?
  7. @Hana45 can I also have SA information. I have been trying to locate this bag.
  8. Apparently, this bag is sold out everywhere and won't come back next season. I've talked to many SAs and told it's impossible to get this bag since it's sold out!!
  9. My SA in Canada said the same thing today. Not sold out, not order-able, won't be coming back.
  10. What a bummer! Ive been trying to get may hands on this bag since end of February:sad: just saw online that it no longer has a price, it now reads “price upon request”! Ughh
  11. Everything on the UK website says price upon request. Wonder if this in readiness for the price increase...
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  12. I was told the same thing here in the US. Sold out long time ago since reserve/pre-order. It's impossible to get. Yet, I see so many of them available to purchase on Instagram at higher price *sigh Wish I had known about this bag way sooner. It is so cute and very good price too. Hope Chanel decide to make more and sell them again.

    I believe price increase is coming (next week) so we're seeing "price upon request" on the web site now :shocked:
  13. Just before the lockdown I went to the store and it wasn't available. Then lockdown happened and a price increase has been announced. Now the info is that this bag is sold out. So basically I didn't even stand a chance of buying this bag. How its sold out when it hadn't even made it to the local store yet I don't know. This was the last thing I wanted to buy from Chanel and I was done.
  14. Exactly! I was texting my SA about this yesterday and she said the same thing. She also told me that although boutiques are shipping out orders on a limited basis, they will not transfer stock to other boutiques right now. So even if she could find it for me at a different boutique, they would refuse to transfer it, which is annoying. I've seen a few available through private sellers on IG too, but honestly ... I'm not OK with paying double. It's cute & I hope to own it one day, but I don't know that it is THAT cute, and I feel weird about paying $3K for a $1.6K bag right now. There is also a possibility it will be reissued at some point in the future, or become almost permanent like the filigree vanity case. Yes, it won't be as cheap as this season's price since they're raising prices next week, but it still probably won't be as much as personal shoppers are charging. I guess I'll just have to take my chances!
  15. This small vanity in the longer size never made it to the UK. It was ordered by Chanel UK but the order was cancelled during the pandemic. Some of the European stores had it but they were reserved very quickly for top clients.
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