Small update on London Birkin hunt...

  1. Once again thank you to all you kind people who gave me advice. After resigning myself to the fact that I wont get a bag in London and would have to go to Paris, I decided to call one of the stores anyway.

    I was convinced the SA would be unfriendly, but she was lovely! And do you know after a month of so of reading this forum we managed to have a fab conversation about colour and leather etc and I sounded really knowledgable!:yahoo:

    So, I am going there on tuesday to buy a scarf we talked about and she has out me on the cancellation list for the bag. She also mentioned that the birkin waiting list would be reopened soon and she would be sure to call e and let me know when.

    Plus, sister in law (and fluent french speaker) is off to Paris soon and has offered to go to the mother store for me! So small news I know, but progress!!!!!
  2. This sounds like real progress, eliselady. Fingers crossed that you'll get your dream Birkin soon!
  3. That's great news, this forum has been so helpful to me too, giving me confidence and knowledge to be able to chat to the SAs and they seem to be more receptive to Birkin seekers when they realise how much you love the bags and have some knowledge of them. Congratulations, your Birkin must feel one step closer.
  4. Congrats eliselady! Definitely sounds like progress was made! Sending lots of good Birkin vibes your way!
  5. Might have to take my 8 month old to the store on tuesday. Am hoping she will be cute and gurgly and will sway the SA for me!! Dont worry - she wont touch anything!!
  6. That's great news. Congrats!
  7. glad to hear everything is going smooth~
    and have a good time with your cutie 8 months baby when you visit the H store~~
  8. Is it too early to put your daughter on the Birkin wait list? I mean, as long as she's there with you . . .
  9. Great progress....hopefully you'll have your dream bag soon.
  10. Best of luck!! I definitely agree this forum has made me much more knowledgeable on all things Hermes. Hope you snag that Birkin soon!
  11. Elise - that's is real progress. Nice work ;)
  12. he he he, that's hilarious :smile: you can't start em too soon! ;)
  13. Sounds wonderful! I wish you luck and hope to see a thread with your new Birkin pics real soon!:yes:
  14. Wonderful news, EL! Do keep us posted on your progress! hNe
  15. Great progress! Have a fun time at the store and may you snag your birkin real soon!