Small to Med Damier Shoulder bag?

  1. I'm looking for a handbag for my mom. She's pretty low maintenance, so damier or maybe epi is probably best unless there is a another style that you highly recommend.

    She only uses shoulder bags, so no speedies. Her handbags are on the smallish side, although bigger than pochette. I looked at the Saleya PM but it looks too big for her everyday use. Maybe the Tribeca Long.

    Any other ideas? Thanks!
  2. The Aubagne is a very classy and nice bag!
    Ipanema PM (cross body bag or shoulder bag)
    The Saleya PM isn't a shoulder bag, because the straps are to short!
  3. I'm looking to buy my mum something too! I've actually shortlisted the Beverly series and the Tulum series but they are monogram. However, I think the styles are quite suitable for mature ladies.

    Here are some suggestions.
    Epi Turenne
    Damier Highbury, if you don't think it is too busy out front, but the older generation like pockets.
    Tribeca Long
    Illovo PM