Small things that make you happy!


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Aug 31, 2008
Oh you definitely deserve my treats if I could.
I used this recipe. Mostly because I loved her twist on the shortbread cookie base. And for the caramel, it was using can of condensed milk. Which I've never done. I always make caramel from scratch. But it wasn't burnt so much as that I didn't whip while it was bubbling up(I was busy reading and texting). So as a result it was curdled. I had to sift it through to get all that curdle out. But result is worth it! Otherwise very easy to make too.
It looks amazing thank you! Am making a note of it for the plain shortbread part too!

and thnak you @tlamdang08, @xsouzie and @Kevinaxx for weighing in on the pain factor! @xsouzie, your eyebrows are fantastic! And two ankle koi! Wow!
All of the eyebrows, the dye jobs (congrats @arnott ) look amazing!
@tlamdang08, I am sure your DH would want you to get to go to Rome soon!
@SouthTampa, love your flowers and your decor!
hugs :biggrin:


Aug 23, 2006
@880 for the pain part I did handle pain very well, I also have a few tattoos ( here and there at the sensitive spots like my ankle and my wrist, finger… :biggrin:)
Micro blading was just a time consuming process to me. No pain at all!
Purchase this espresso cup at Getty Museum today, and put on my beloved husband’s altar table to remind him that he still owes me a trip to Rome :lol:
I have a fun day with my ladies at church. View attachment 5106306
happy dinner View attachment 5106312

What kinda raw meat is that?


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May 18, 2019
Green Gladiolus are starting to bloom
Enjoying my coffee and a quiet time ( although my days are very quiet for the last six months…) A690CEE7-9D3D-466C-B71F-F76DED27CE09.jpeg

A circle of steam milk looks like it is representing my life has completed. A circle of life… things will be fine too.
A morning mourn!
Thank you for reading with love and supports... :love: :drinks: :hbeat:
Happy Saturday:happydance:


Sep 18, 2016
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I made mapo tofu for the first time!
You can see the theme.. as in food makes me happy. :lol:
I love mapo tofu and this looks very good (there are some serious crap ones out there by restaurants).

my nephew graduated from pre-K yesterday but he STILL parked his tush onto my lap with a book for me to read to him. Sad to say he pronounces certain words better then me (actually learned a lot more then I did at that age) but I love that he has a love of books and I know we all think of this with our love ones but he’s truly special. Also happy the 529 I started for him when he was born has an overall return of 50%.

I’m very happy to say the least.


30th anniversary cuff
Aug 31, 2008
I‘ve never heard of a restaurant charging an extra $5.99, or whatever, for food not consumed. :confused1:
I’ve been told by my mom and family that it’s common in Asia at all you can eat sushi places to be charged if you take more than you can finish. Edit: apologies, this was already answered! :smile:

@cheremushki, @Kevinaxx, I love MaPo tofu too and @cheremushki ’s looks delicious! I’ve been dieting and exercising for most of 2020-2021, so I try to avoid too much asian food bc I’m addicted to white rice. (Brown rice is for prisoners).

@Kevinaxx, congrats on your nephews pre K graduation!

Ive been trying to eat more mindfully and DH and I went to our favorite Italian restaurant il Gattopardo in NYC. The special pasta sounded amazing (a gnocchi with fresh ricotta) and the old me would have ordered it plus steak for two, but what made me really happy was that I ordered like I would imagine a thin person orders! I had Dover sole and broccoli rabe! and, it was delicious!

@tlamdang08, your meditation with green gladiolus is a moment of calm in my day! Thank you! Hugs
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