Small tear on my speedy35?

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  1. [​IMG]
    Purchased this speedy 35 on ebay. The seller is very nice , great service, lots of pictures. There is a little mark on the front of the bag in the auction photo (see second photo). But it turns out to be a tear.

    1. Do you think this would get worse in time?
    2. Is there anyway to repair now and avoid getting larger?
    3. I can return seller does accept returns or if you could get a price adjustment how much would a good fair price adjustment?

    I am very new to LV bags only have one that was gifted to me. I hope you all can help me out.

    Pretty bummed because other wise the bag is a great re-conditioned shape.

  2. If there is a tear in the canvas, LV will not do repairs on it. Personally, I would return it. It is Item Not As Described. A tear in LV cancas is a big deal (at least to me it is). Get your money back. You can tell her there is a tear that was not described and you'd prefer a refund, hopefully she will take it back, and if she refuses a return you can start a case against her. Ebay is very good about these sort of cases. Good luck and keep us updated.
  3. Return it! Can't fix canvas and it will get worst.
  4. I would return it, too
  5. If it was me, I'd return it as soon as possible! A tear in the canvas cannot be repaired. You can find one in same condition without tears out there, GL with your decision!
  6. Return it ASAP!
  7. I agree with everyone else.. Return it and wait for another one. I wouldn't even take a discount.
  8. RETURN it ASAP! Louis Vuitton will not repair an item with torn or cracked canvas and it WILL get worse!!!
  9. Thank you all. I am returning this one. The seller accepts returns. I will keep looking for a nice pre -loved speedy 35.
  10. I am glad you could return it.