Small tear in new trapeze

  1. Hey everyone I just bought a black stamped croc trapeze this weekend (haven't worn it yet) and I noticed a small tear under the flap. I'm wondering if it's worth exchanging. My only fear is no bag is perfect and if I return it will I get a bag with something else slightly wrong. Also will it get worse. Its completely hidden since it's under the flap. Here are pics-- bottom right corner. What do you guys think ?
    image-546133401.jpg image-2850080359.jpg
  2. I think if you're not 100% happy with your purchase you should attempt to exchange it, even if the tear is on the inside.
    Im really @nal about stuff like that though. When I buy a Balenciaga bag I ask the SA to bring every single one out so I can choose the one with the best leather.
  3. usually I'm not too fussy but I think tear is unacceptable flaw on a new bag
  4. Honestly, that would not bother me.
  5. Thanks for your opinion guys. I'm just going to exchange it bc I absolutely love the bag and I want it to have a fresh start.