Small talk: Ratio of expenses for a Sellier K25

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  1. It's the holiday season, and we all know that the store is probably getting the most shipment and goodies throughout the year. I've been shopping at this new store for a little bit over a year now, and I've been offered a Birkin and two Constance.

    As a regular who's been collecting H bags for more than a decade, I've made my wishlist to be a sellier Kelly 25cm with classic or muted colors such as gold, navy and craie. For the collector purpose, my primary choice would be sellier K25 with butler (no preference on the hardware). So far I've been spending $13k on shoes, jewelry, home, small leather goods and RTW. However, my SA still said that my profile was not good enough. I understand that butler is a rare leather, and H doesn't produce much of it annually. Thus, I kindly asked if I may be qualified for the seasonal color vert amande K25 sellier with ghw (no preference on leather). Again, my SA indicated that I still needed to make more purchase if I wished to buy this combo. Honestly, where do you draw the line when the ratio of your spending is almost 1.5 times for the bag's retail price?

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my story and look forward to hearing about your opinions.

    Happy holidays, and I hope everyone will have their H dreams come true.
  2. May I ask where you are based?
  3. One of the major cities in United States
  4. Dear OP
    That’s a lot of spend already even by non European standard. I am not sure if butler is offered currently and if it is not produced it just won’t be possible as an offer anytime soon. I would stop spending and check with the SA what her target/expectation is as I think with that amount of spend you have committed already if anything, she owes you some clarification or certainty going forward before it becomes a bottomless “trap”

    Happy holidays to you too and hope ur bag arrives soon!!
  5. Wow that does seem like a lot. But then, I keep hearing that k25 is 'soooo' popular right add in other constraints and it's tough hey.
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  6. I think that’s nuts. If you are a good loyal customer this level of opaque spend requirement seems over the top. I would definitely inquire whether the bag is even in production.
  7. This seems a little unreasonable if you have not been offered any options/variations that may be closer to attaining, imho.
  8. I am really surprised that a US SA told you that you have to spend more to qualify for a bag. I have never been told that, no matter what I asked for -- is she/he having you on? You seem like a good loyal customer for all the brand's offerings. smdh
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  9. Are you in a city with a lot of celebs/VIPs?
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  10. Talk to the SM and find out exactly how much the SM expects you to spend to get the bag. Then you’ll know if your SA has even spoken to her about it.
  11. In some countries you have to spend double the price of the bag you are interested in.
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  12. I agree with the other ladies here, that’s too much. I haven’t experienced a spend requirement but even from what I’ve heard, it’s don’t much more in Asia than the US.
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  13. the city i am in you would need to buy 2:1 to buy any kelly or birkin in size 25. i am in a major city in north america
  14. Would talking to the SM help? Knowing Hermes and their covert ways, they'd deny there's any spend level and say they are waiting for stock, bags are very rare etc...

    I think OP will need to be a bit less on the nose than that...
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  15. Honey,

    I am no expert by all means but this sounds absolutely awfull. And a lot like extortion. I wonder if these laws might apply?

    I wish you good luck! It sounds to me though like the people that you’re dealing with are mot entirely ok. Do you know what I mean?