Small Suggestions anyone?

  1. Hi everyone, I'm usually in the Louis Vuitton forum but now I'm looking to add some Hermes into my life. ;) Upon graduation in 3 months from college, I plan on getting the Buenaventura Messenger, as well as some small goodies to go with it. So far I'm thinking of getting a keyholder to replace my monogram canvas 6 key holder, but I would like it in Croc or Alligator? Not quite sure what the difference is :confused1:....would anyone know what the pricing on this would be? Also I want to get a pencil case in some sort of leather, one of the members here had one in a really nice blue but I can't remember what it was....Would anyone have more information on these items as well as other suggestions? Thanks in advance for all your help and PICS would be greatly appreciated!!! :jammin:
  2. Is there anybody out there? :shrugs:
  3. A regular leather key holder is around $800 or so. The last croc one I saw was just under 2K.

    I don't know much about the pencil cases. The Karo clutch is like a makeup case and it was $670 for the small size last year. I am not sure about the new price with the recent increase in Feb 2007.

    A wallet will run from $1325 for a Dogon style to 2K for the zippered AZAP style. The popular Bearn style is around $1600 or so in regular leather.

    Keychains start at $180.

    Hope this helps. Best of luck!
  4. Mr Posh...I wonder if you mean the Piccolo? It's quite small, have you a link to the blue one you saw?
  5. I think you should add a wallet or folio or agenda. Those would be nice too:smile:
  6. Any suggestions? ;)
  7. Depends on how much you want to spend?

    You can get a really nice ostrich agenda for about 1500. They have some reg. leathers for about 5-800, very reasonable.
  8. I love the agendas in barenia, chamonix, or gold. They all have white stitching and it's so...traditional and timeless. Yum!
  9. However, if you are up for the big bucks you can get it in croc, lizard, or elephant (while it lasts) or ostrich
  10.'ve piqued my interest. Any info on wallets?
  11. The bearns are a couple thousand, i think, depending on the skin and the size. Best to go in and have a look around.
  12. H also does a bigger pencil case (been thinking of getting one for myself). I am guessing it's about 8" x 4" and is flat with a zip top. It's around $500.
  13. you happen to have a picture of it?
  14. MrP...yep - that blue one is a piccolo...they're really cute, but for you, would probably only hold some pens etc. (I say for you, becuase for me, it hold make up brushes and lip gloss!).

    I'd say get the larger one that Rose mentioned. I haven't seen this one, yet.

    You could also get the card holder for the deck of playing cards, and use it for storing other things than the cards?