Small Stam

  1. Does anyone own the small stam? What do you think about it and what colors do they come in?
  2. The size is not as small as the name suggests. I think the colors are the same as the regular stam. I would have a difficult time deciding between the regular and the small as each has great qualities.
  3. If I have to choose between Stam and Little Stam, I vote for Stam (handles, bigger base, removable chain)

    Little Stam was not made in Patent Leather, not sure whether colors with (?) came in Little Stam.

    Fall 05: Black, Ivory, Bordeaux, Petrol, Taupe, Violet, Pearl, Gold
    Resort 05:
    Spring 06: Camel (?), Bronze
    Fall 06: Black, Cashew, Chestnut, Mouse, Whiskey (?),
    Resort 06: Black, White Chiffon, Topaz, Almond,