Small stam over Channel a good idea?

  1. I just bought the black small stam tonight. I want to use it as an evening bag. Do you think this bag is as classic as a Channel bag? I was looking at a Channel (not sure of the name) Eastwest? quilted lambskin bag for around $1100 and the stam is $800. If you had to choose between the two, which would you pick?
  2. I love both the stam and the Chanel bag. I think they are both great. The small stam is slighter bigger so you will be able carry more with you. The E/W Chanel is actually fairly small. Enough to stick some cash (maybe a card case) tissue and a lip gloss.

    I'm not choosing though. I can't and I refuse. You're not going to make me either. I think they are both very stylish, but are two different types of bags.
  3. If you bought the stam, then you must have been really drawn to it. Congrats! I think you made a good decision. I love chanel too, but the stam is quickly becoming a classic.
  4. ^^ I agree as I see many elderly women with it.
  5. I think you made a good choice, I prefer the little stam for an evening bag over the larger style stam. Also, you'll be able to fit more, like e said. Both are beautiful bags, so you can't lost either way!
  6. Chanel.
  7. [​IMG]

    There's also this alternative at
  8. that's one cute bag! /\
  9. I have to say the Chanel. I think it's more timeless and classic. The stam is also a nice bag. If you're drawn to the Stam and it's functional for you, then go with it.
  10. i would pick chanel....
    but it does not matter what i think or pick as long as you are happy with your pick.
    btw, congrats on the new bag.
  11. i love both. they are different bags to me and each has a different vibe going on.
  12. I actually have to say I think the Chanel has more staying power..The stam..I honestly believe is more of a dated item..(Sorry..Dont egg me ,my MJ forum gals...LMAO!)
  13. ^ You converted me to Prada - I've always liked Prada, but I them now!!! I've been eyeing some Chanel bags lately too, bad news for my wallet. =)
  14. I agree w/ Jill.
    Chanel will last forever:yes: