small spy bowler

  1. Does anyone have the small spy bowler? If so can you give me the dementions of the bag? NM has them online but they do not give size.:love:
  2. I don't have the size either but I am interested in the bowler as well because the only two sites i've seen it on is NM as you stated and You could try looking on that site, they may list the size. And I know they have a live chat option to speak with a representative about their handbags. Hope that helps.

    Do you mind me asking if anyone knows if any other color is available besides Honey and where can one be found at this time, even off-line.
  3. ^ I saw the one with Fendi logo in the middle and leather on both sides of it in NM last weekend.
  4. i have a black spy bowler... the fendi store in south coast plaza has black, honey, and petrol. i'm not sure of the size and i'm too lazy to measure right now but it fits about the same as a speedy 25.
  5. AACK! A PETROL!!???? (drools)
  6. OH, Elux states the measurements as 14x8x7.