Small something from small island.....

  1. DH had conference in Bali, and I went with him. I know there is a H store in Bali, but never think about getting something from there. Last saturday after 3 days conference, DH finally took me to visit H store in Bali. We went first H store in DFS, but they only sell watchs, I was so disappointed. DH said how about go to lunch first, and we will ask concierge @ 4 seasons, they must know it better. After having great lunch , I asked concierge and find out there is a H boutique :graucho:
  2. eek, what have you bought!!!!
  3. Ohhh, you tease! Tell us more!
  4. Finally we found *H* store:yahoo: And I saw some kellys on the shelve, I ask SA if they have birkin???
  5. And yes they have a brighton blue birkin 35/PH clemence, but that was only one they had , so I ask about kelly. There are gold , brick, potiron, vermillion, jean blue, and vert anis, plus mini kelly lizard in vert anis with RH
  6. :nuts:
  7. I haven't had enough coffee for this, what did you get??? :nuts:
  8. Wow! What did you get? I couldn't have passed up a brighton blue birkin.
  9. WOW!!! A Brighton Blue Birkin and that rainbow of Kellys....The suspense is killing me!
  10. Kelly Bags, a Tropical island, the Four Seasons? Truly, no better combination.
  11. Hmmm...I agree...sounds perfect...I would like to be there right now...
  12. :nuts: ????
  13. OMG!!! I NEED to know what you got!!! NOW!!!:hysteric: LOL!!!:lol:
  14. i just got back from bali a week ago and i am so kicking myself now for not visiting the H store, i so didnt know that there is H store in Indonesia besides Jakarta!!!!
  15. :popcorn: