Small Soho leather shoulder bag

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  1. I haven't followed actively Gucci's collections before but lately I find myself drawn to Gucci leather bags even though that the bags I like most have been around for a while.

    This beauty is available on US site:

    However, I live in Europe and can't find this bag anywhere. I have checked several web shops already including Gucci's EU site.

    Does anybody have any information about this bag? Disco seems very popular but I can't find information about this bag in this forum. After all, this bag is quite similar to Disco. So what are pros and cons for this bag? Is it similar in size when compared to Disco? I think this bag can hold a full-size wallet which is definitely a good thing. Is the magnet closure strong or does the flap open easily? Is the chain strap comfortable (it sure is pretty).

    And most importantly - will this bag be available in Europe this Fall? I am hoping that Gucci would release this bag in navy or powder.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have this in the dusty rose and loooove loooove love using it. It does fit a full size Wallet and some more. The strap is comfortable and I've never had an issue with the closure.
    This style has been around for a while. I'm surprised you can not find any information. Good luck!! Hope you can secure one.

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  3. I've had this this bag in black for over a year. It is big enough to hold a continental/full size wallet, and you can fit a phone in there with it and maybe one other small item. I mostly use mine for going out to dinner because it doesn't hold a lot, and has a casual but elegant look to it.

    The chain strap is comfortable, but I wouldn't want to wear it walking around all day because it's all chain and doesn't have any leather to pad the shoulder. It's also not easy to double the chain and make it shorter like I can on some of my other bags. The bag is light and can't really be overloaded with too much stuff, so it might not bother you.

    The closure is strong and I haven't had any problems with it coming open on its own. It can be a little difficult to open up - sometimes have to hold both the flap and the main part of the bag to pry it open, but it's not a big deal.

    Hope this helps - good luck with your decision and the hunt!
  4. Wow! Thanks for posting a pic of your beautiful bag and reviewing it. How great that you are enjoying this bag so much. I am getting even more tempted now.

    Thanks for your input. It's good to know how much this bag can hold. I prefer the magnet closure to be on the stronger side - it wouldn't bother me to have difficulties when opening the bag. It is much more annoying if the bag would open easily on its own. I am glad to hear the chain strap is comfortable too!