Small Sofia strap?

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  1. Hi,

    Does the small Sofia always come with the strap? My SIL just placed an order from yesterday and she just told me they didn't say it comes with a shoulder strap in their description. Can it be an older version of small Sofia? She'll get the bag on Friday but she's freaking out it it doesn't come with the strap because she said it's a big part of reason she bought it...oh and she paid 3 day shipping since she'll be away next week so she needs to get it by this week. I wonder if she can get a full refund include the expensive shipping she paid if the bag does not come with the strap. Does anyone know?
  2. All Sophia's top handle satchels come with a shoulder strap including the ones sold on
  3. I have not heard of a Sofia not being sold with a strap.
  4. Good to know. Thank you ladies. I told my SIL and she's happy she got it from According to her...she said it's the last small sofia on their site. I'd grab it if I saw it too :P I really like the Sofia. Might end up getting one in black myself (but for full price....) How could I missed could I.....:Push: