Small sob - black bays

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  1. I've just bought a black nvt bays from a private seller - although t's brand new from bv.

    Unfort it was packed into a tiny box and now there are deep creases and it's all floppy. What can I do to remedy?
  2. Here's a pic when stuffed with lots of paper and dust bags

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  3. Here's one 'unstuffed'!

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  4. I bought a preloved chocolate Congo bays recently. Although she was packed well, I was surprised at how floppy she is. So I bought a plastic base shaper and a felt liner (recommended on a thread on here) and she's much better now so I'd recommend doing that :smile:
  5. I think it looks lovely :smile:
  6. Me too... i really don't see what the issue is.
  7. Ok, thanks. Its just because I bought an oak one from the same batch at BV and it a lot more rigid and stands up on its own - just a lot less slouchy. I used to love Darwin leather, so was hoping nvt would be more like that.
  8. I know exactly what you mean. My raspberry goat bays is much more structured than my chocolate congo bays, which is why I offered the advice. It really comes down to personal taste. I agree with the others that it's a lovely bays :smile:
  9. She is gorgeous! Enjoy :smile:
  10. She looks in pretty good condition - if you are worried about the floppies (and I can sympathise - I like my bags to hold their rigidity) then keep her stuffed well and perhaps look into a shaper or base as already suggested above?
  11. A felt bag liner would help! They sell them on Etsy & Samorga has some good ones too!
  12. +1.
    I use a £3 bag liner from Primark in some of my bags. ;) Don't know if it would fit a bays though.
    I think it's lovely.
  13. I think she looks lovely. Before you use her give her a good spray then stuff her out with a lot of paper & cut out some stiff card to fit underneath the flap. Then let her stand for a few days, this should make a difference with the creases. As the others have suggested a bag liner should also make some difference when you come to use her. Congrats :ghi5:
  14. My black nvt is droopy too which is why I added black nickel grainy print.
    Still love her though when I want a less rigid look.
    Stuff with paper when not in use and when using add a base shaper and VIP bag liner (or other liner) to help give it some shape.
    She is gorgeous. Enjoy!
  15. Oops just realised all the good advice has already been said!! Hehe.