Small Sky on eBay! 610!!!

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  1. I moved this to Deals and Steals. I wish the seller would post more pictures, even if the bag comes with a box and all the trimmings, you never know.

    Anyone want to weigh in on authenticity?
  2. She send me photo's.
    do I need to host them somewhere before I can link?

    ps- thanks for moving the post. ;)
  3. Totally agree about the photo - and lack of photos. :blink:

    Also, is it just me, or does it look like the color is painted on the bag? It could just be the lighting; but lots more pictures are necessary to say anything about that bag.
  4. i asked for more photos and she IMMEDIATELY sent me about 14 good photos.
    I'm not a expert on verifying BBags though, as they aren't my fav.
    it looks ok though.
  5. You can attach photos to your post by clicking the paperclip at the top of the text box. They do need to be under a certain size, or else they won't be uploaded. Then you click the paperclip and choose "Insert Attachments".

    Loganz - It does look kinda funky. The seller also has a Hermes bag listed if you check out her other items. It's at a very low starting price :blink:
  6. It's already gone
  7. I just saw that Hermes Cristina- good catch. Damn, too good to be true.
  8. hrm,

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  9. maybe her reserve is 4,000. :amuse: it's so pointless when sellers do stuff like that.
  10. Wow! If thats a fake, its a darn good one! I think the color is really pretty.
  11. So, what's the verdict? It looks all right to me, but I'm not a B-bag expert by any means! If it's legit, someone got a good deal. I like that color.
  12. there's no way it was fake. the time it would have taken alone to round up all of this paraphenalia would have been worth more than 610!!:lol:

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  13. I wish it is real but the seller is private?
  14. it looks a-ok to me. the handles are a little gritty though, maybe that's why. desperate need for cash?