Small sizes in jeans like Citizens, Sevens, AG, etc

  1. I've discovered that size 24 in my Citizens and AG jeans are a bit big for jeans come in size 23? Is there such a thing? I always see the sizing start from 24.

    TIA! :tender:
  2. I know there are size 23s. It's just very rare when you do see them. You can go to and special order them. That's the only website that I know that tries to get the size you need. :smile: Good luck.
  3. A couple years ago i was that skinny and wore a size 23. I know that earl jeans makes or atleast used to make size 23 jeans. i got them at Nordstrom but im not sure if they still carry earls
  4. J Brand has Sz23 jeans too!
  5. i;ve even seen a few 22's. if you get rigid (100%) cotton jeans, they fit smaller.
  6. Wow, 22s! Now that is something I would love to see. I wasn't aware that rigid jeans fit smaller.

    thatasiantwang: Thanks for letting me know about! I will check it out. :idea:
  7. Jeans (I know 7s do for sure) do come in 23 but I very rarely see dpt.stores have it in stock so your best bet is smaller boutiques that specialize in denim.

    Good luck Honu, I know how frustrating it is when even a 24 doesn't fit :sad:
  8. I found some Rock and Republic jeans in size 23! I'm currently in Vancouver right now and tried it on at Aritizia.

    Too bad revolveclothing doesn't sell Rock and Republic jeans anymore. :crybaby:
  9. if you get desperate, call Blue Genes in Atlanta, they have one of the most comprehensive designer denim selections in the world and i'm SURE that they can tell you exactly which brands will work for your body.
  10. aritzia is my second home i LOVE it. jbrand and rocks are sold there in size 23. theyre still a little big for me, but you'll get like 15-25% off a well-known talor if you shop at aritzia!
  11. thatasiantwang: I emailed revolve clothing and they gave me this response:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your inquiry. I apologize for the inconvenience but we do not have any AG jeans or Citizens in a size 23. You can check what sizes are available by clicking on the brand name and then going to " New Find your size" and then click on your size and then click update preference. Underneath the price of each item the size 23 will show up if we have it in stock. Thank you for your interest in Revolve.

    Customer Service

    Well duh! I thought they would be able to locate one for me, but I guess not! I tried to click on Find your size and it didn't do anything for me, unless I'm missing something....

  12. barbie.belle: I think I'm going to bite the bullet and get the Rock and Republic jeans, I really love the size 23s. I'd have to get it altered at my alteration lady in SF (I go back to SF on Sunday) so I guess I'll be taking a trip to Aritzia on Saturday!
  13. WAHHHH!!!! :crybaby: I am sooo stupid. I went back to Aritizia this morning and they sold the 23s....I guess it isn't meant to be.
  14. I've been looking for that pair of perfect, or even close to perfect, jeans. I'm 5' and wear a size 23 or 34 depending on the brand. I did a search on Google and found this posting. Many good tips! Thanks!

    I did find a pair of 7s in size 23 at Nordstrom Rack in Portland but have not been able to find another pair yet. Department stores really do not sell much smaller than a 24.

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated about where else to look at.
  15. i tend to see a few size 23's when i go to denim sample sales such as the denim warehouse sales.
    i hope this helps!