small, secure, cute bag to take to a club show?

  1. Something I can keep my keys, phone, ID, etc. in that'll be secure and able to withstand jumping/jostling around. Any thoughts?
  2. Maybe I'm a puritan, but if I'm going out to a smokey club to see a show, I don't want to subject my nicer bags to it... I usually bring one of my many vintage leather clutches (I just make sure to choose one that has a wrist strap). Every vintage and thrift store I've ever gone to has them so maybe that would be an inexpensive, safe, and chic option?
  3. Oh, I definitely don't want to schlep anything "ultra luxe" out for show at a bar or club, but I wouldn't mind getting something new that had some durability to it... I don't know if I would feel comfortable with a clutch because I really love being mixed up with the front of crowd, dancing, etc. Maybe something cross body?
  4. how about a belt bag?
  5. I was considering this! Any suggestions?
  6. An LV Wapity. Fits a phone -- even Blackberry-sized -- tickets, money, credit cards and hangs securely from your wrist.
  7. gucci makes them....tokidoki has some cute nylon ones
  8. I always take my Chanel reissue, it's perfect!
  9. i would vote the tokidoki canguro. Its a little waist one, perfect for your cell phone, keys, cards and cash. LeSportsac and look under tokidoki :biggrin:
  10. Prada Nylon Pochette. You can put it on your shoulder, it fits right under your arm, and since it's nylon, it's easy to clean.
  11. i always take a $16 faux-python bag with chain straps from Forever 21 when i go to the bars around here. it's actually rather nice looking (the faux python is surprisingly detailed), it snaps shut with one interior picket, it fits over my shoulder, and is just big enough for cell phone, cards, some cash, a lip gloss, and my keys.

    i also have a red patent leather clutch from target that's a little larger. i'd say look someplace like that, it always makes me so nervous to take anything that cost more than $20 for a night out. that way, if i sit it in a puddle of alcohol on a bar (quite common in a town that practically runs on drinks that you have to DROP a shot glass in to - jaeger bomb, anyone?) then, hey, who cares?
  12. take a wristlet or clutch. enough to hold your essentials and you can jump around with it!