Small scarf for a male? :)

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  1. At college everyone has to wear business dress, its horrible!

    Even though I sport a hilfiger suit and ralph lauren cardigans, everyone just looks the same!

    I have to keep a shirt and tie on at all times, but I was thinking maybe I could wear a small vuitton scarf/necktie on to the side just to look a bit more fashionable

    I love all colours, so dont worry if your suggesting a pink one ;)

    Thanks for any suggestions/ideas :smile: x
  2. #2 Feb 20, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2010
    Get a bandeau!
    I have the Black Multicolore one. I think it would go if you are wearing a black suit.

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  3. ^I think this is a good suggestion. Pink would work too though!
  4. a pink denim bandeau would be an awesome pop of color, or the new splash bandeau. Just tie it like a tie and ur set to go :smile: