Small Roxette purchases

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  1. I really like the small Roxette but the one purchased from had a few manufacturing issues. Has anyone had a positive experience buying a small Roxette from Mulberry. The oxblood is now sold out but I might consider the black crock. It is a nice sized bag and the opening wasn't too much of a faff when on your shoulder. Just don't want to have to do another return.
  2. I have posted this elsewhere and don't mean to offend anyone but i am amazed so many have rushed to buy the roxette even at half one like it before..anyone i know who had bought it sent it back. For me the issue wasn't price it is poorly designed the thin strap fold over top too boxy etc etc and poor quality leather asis evidenced by the one you got..are you sure you aren't just being swept up by the hope of a bargain? £500 or £550 is still a lot of money to an aside.i have just bought myself 2 MK sloan bags for less than that and am so impressed by them if i had money id be buying another!!!!!
  3. I do take your point Elvis. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised with the style of the small Roxette. It was comfortable to wear and the opening was not a problem. The leather quality was good it's just the odd blemish and stray inking I wasn't happy with. If I could get a perfect one I would be very pleased with the purchase. It would seem the perfect finish is more of a rarety these days. I will not pay £500 plus for a bag that's not perfect.
  4. I like the Roxette, especially the small version in calfskin, but I can't get past the microfibre lining unfortunately :sad:
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  5. I have a regular size Roxette in calf skin. It is the most beautiful bag. I looked at another one in oxblood croc in the store the other day, and that was gorgeous also - more gorgeous than mine actually. The straps are a little short in the regular size, and I didn't see that it didn't come with a strap when I bought it - apart from that it is without doubt one of the most beautiful bags in my collection. I can tell that it will age beautifully.

    If I open the bag the sides will stand up and stay open so you can access all your stuff. I'd say go for it, especially when you get the strap with the smaller size :smile:
  6. They had both sized oxbloods at Cheshire Oaks on Friday at the same price as online
  7. I thought the neon blue looked good on the website, but when I saw it IRL the leather didn't look as nice....

    Croc printed looked nicer to me, but not enough to make me part with my hard earned cash - I wasn't convinced by the style for the price... personal opinion though!
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  8. I have small neon blue and no issues here
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  9. I'm the same on this Pessie. I thought the design looked interesting, but unfortunately that nylon (aka microfibre) lining just doesn't float my boat! :yucky:
    I'd love to see some photographs from those who have purchased though, as I really liked the overall design.
  10. Yes, if it had cotton canvas I'd have been all over it :smile:
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  11. I bought the oxblood moc croc from the store in Leeds and LOVE it. The leather is fab and the design is just right for me as a cross-body. I was a bit put-off by the microfibre, but at this price can get over it. The moc croc is so beautiful in this colour. I don't find it a faff to get into, but that's because I tend to travel light so have little reason to go into my bag frequently. I also fold the top flaps differently to as shown in the promo pics, and have the one that goes from front to back on top (so the open side is against my body). This makes it hang nicer when being worn cross-body, and stops the corners popping up.

    I was that thrilled by it that I also impulsively purchased the neon blue, which arrived yesterday. The colour is glorious, but it's nowhere near as nice as the oxblood moc croc. It doesn't have the same depth of colour and lacks any surface lustre. To be honest, it feels a little dry and reminds me of a Cambridge satchel. The microfibre also stood out more in this colour. It's being collected by DPD tomorrow :sad:

    I liked the design when it came out, but hadn't actually seen it IRL until it went on sale. I would not have paid full price for it, but at half price it has scratched my oxblood itch. I do wonder why the cross-body strap is thinner than the handles. It feels means and does dig a little into my bony shoulders, lol!
  12. I reckon mine will look even better after a year's use and it's a bit more slouchy x
  13. I bought a Roxette at half price and the quality of the leather on mine is fine (believe me, I checked it!). It would definitely have gone back if it wasn't. It's not great that quality can vary so much.

    I mentioned here when it first came out that it reminded me of the Mabel, which was my first Mulberry love, so while I wouldn't have paid full price, at half price and in neon blue, you bet I was going to snap one up!
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  15. image.jpg I took the plunge and I am glad I did. It's a beautiful bag. The microfibre lining is not an issue in this bag for me. After all LV use microfibre all the time. It's well worth what I paid
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