Small rock in Rome bag-- yay or nay?

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    Saw this bag in store, it's kind of like a square mini with the boy chain... Not sure whether to pull the trigger or not. $3725 Cdn.. I can find you tube reviews of the large bag which is more like a jumbo in size and goes on shoulder only. This one can go crossbody and has the back me decide!
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  2. Cute! And functional!
  3. it's a seasonal offering, right? so it might be lined in fabric and not leather? i dunno, i think it's not "classic" enough for that price. just my opinion! :smile:
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  4. Correct, it's lined in fabric, inside has 3 compartments and a zipped pocket
  5. Luv it!!!! And it looks great on u!!! Good luck deciding!
  6. Love it ..... I am trying to locate one in the US but they are all sold out.
  7. Can u take a pic of the inside ?
  8. Thanks! I'm actually between this and the reissue.. I know, they are completely different bags. I'm looking for a black quilted bag with ruthenium hardware that can go cross body, and fit just basics, wallet/keys/phone and sunnies. The 225 size? (Equivalent of m/l) is $6325, so quite a big jump in price, but I'm thinking if I get this bag, I will still eventually want to get a classic, should I just go for the reissue, since prices are always going up but seasonals are give or take around the same price range? Oh and funny thing is, everything fits in this seasonal bag a little better because the inner flap compartments on the reissue makes it hard to fit everything in without having to squeeze it shut. But there's just something about the reissue, can't get it out of my mind.
  9. Sorry, didn't get an inside pic
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465873023.886888.jpg
  11. It's kind of like this screen shot I grabbed from Google search
  12. If u don't mind me asking did u find the crossbody rock in Rome at a Chanel store or a dept store like saks, NM ?
  13. It's at the Chanel store in Yorkdale
  14. Ok thank you
  15. No problem! Good luck in your search for one