Small Ring Koala Agenda... Need a pen!

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  1. I picked up a small ring Koala agenda yesterday.... I don't really like the matching pen. Does anyone know of a pen that would fit in this agenda? The pen holder is extreeeemely narrow. I prefer a rollerball....
  2. Get the LV Nails pen it comes in 4 colors and is super cute, I have marshmallow, and blue (which I converted into a sylus for my palm pilot)!!
  3. I looked at the DayTimer website, the pens that look like they might fit are all ballpoints.... The LV Nails pen, while very nice, I suspect is a ballpoint as well (please correct me if I am wrong)... The $220 price tag is a little more than I was hoping for as well.... There is a Mont Blanc store at Woodfield that I may check out this week. If I cannot find anything suitable there I will probably go with the inexpensive ballpoint from DayTimer, and continue the hunt for a rollerball that will fit the tiny, tiny loop in the agenda....
  4. thanks

  5. Which color did you get on the interior of your Koala? just curious, I :love: the pink!
  6. I like the louis vuitton pen but i would loss it so easy.
  7. They had the black and the pink in stock.... I got the pink... :love:
  8. GOOD GIRL!!!! :love:
  9. wow I didn't know there were different color interiors available! Do you have a pic??
  10. Me either! If I had known that the koala agenda came with pink interior I might not have gotten the framboise agenda since it's so delicate. Pics please!
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  12. Oh that's so cute, I love the pink interior !
  13. I use a blue Tiffany pen in my black MC Agenda.
    It fits nicely and I like the way it looks with the MC. (I wish I could post a link but don't know how....:sad2: