Small Ring Agenda

  1. I am thinking of getting one of these and I was wondering two things. One, does it have a pen holder and if it does will it fit any standard pen or just the Louis Vuitton Nails agenda pen. I've attached pictures of both. Thank you
    Agenda Framboise.jpg LV Nails Pen.jpg
  2. I have the Framboise small ring agenda and love it. It does not come with a pen. I will not put a pen in my agenda, I am worried that ink will somehow get on it. I always keep my pen in the zipper part of my purse.
    I bought some really cute agenda papers from a place in Japan that a fellow member here posted about, they were so unique and I couldn't find anything that would fit the agenda online.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Great choice, I have the same one. There's a thread in the LV reference that suggests different pens for the agenda. Off the top of my head one is by Tiffany and the other is called the Space Pen (I think). I still haven't purchased a pen for min.

  4. Yes it has pen holder. It is suitable for very thin pens like LV agenda pen, but if you want buy cheaper pen, many users here found them. Just use search option and you should find many threads about it. I heard that Tiffany & CO purse pen fit in that holder and its about half price of LV pen (sorry for my poor english!)
  5. The Tiffany pen comes in Tiffany Blue and is 75.
  6. Thanks for the input. Now I have to decide on the color. Framboise, Indigo. or Pomme. :wondering
  7. Oooh, if you find an indigo agenda, get it NOW!!:yes:
  8. I called 866 vuitton and they said there are a few left in indigo. Since I have the ludlow and mott indigo I decided to get the Pomme color.
  9. I have sm agenda and the fisher space pen...I actually took pics of it (my husband's eye about rolled out of his head!) I can attach if you want. The red pen doesn't really match my vernis red...but looks like it'd match the pomme perfectly, to give an idea of color...and would look grand w/indigo!! I love it...very tight cap...don't worry about ink spill at all!! (and very inexpensive)
  10. the space pen works great (and way cheaper than the LV or tiffany one), I got the red one to match my pom agenda
  11. I think those colors would look great together. I too love the framboise agenda..
  12. it wont fit a standard pen, i got this one for mine

    Zebra Mini pen - Silver

    it's the only one that'll fit in mine besides the LV one!
  13. [​IMG]
    the pen fits pretty good in there...... it was a surprise Christmas present from my DH maybe 3 years ago.... his *hint* was something i would NEVER buy in million years!!! darn right, i would never thought i'd own a LV pen.... it is super CUTE, but it's there for a decoration purpose!!!! it was so cute with mono agenda that i used to use for years..... i don't know about pink on pink.... but i like it!:heart: :p

    when we were on the way to Japan last summer on the plane, a guy next to me asked if he can *borrow* my Louie pen to fill in the customs form.....
    i thought...."NO WAY, you CAN NOT borrow my LV PEN!" but i had to smile and say sure.... i recommend NOT get LV pen! framboise agenda is def the keeper though!:heart: :heart: :heart:

  14. I can't believe you let him borrow your pen! AAARGH!