Small Ring Agenda

  1. Does anyone have one?

    How functional is it? I'm thinking of getting rid of one of my wallets and using this as a planner/wallet.

    Does anyone use this for money too?

    Just curious on hearing what anyone has to say about theirs
  2. I have a small epi agenda and I think it's nice, however sometimes I wish I would have went one size up. I would like to write a little bigger in it.
  3. I have one, and although it is useful as a planner, I think I would be overstuffing it if I tried to use it as a wallet, too. It would especially bother me not to have a change compartment.

    I know that Cristina bought a small agenda sometime ago and I believe she kept some credit cards in it (in photo), but I don't know if she totally replaced her wallet with it.

    I like the size, though, because it fits in most all of my bags and it isn't too heavy.
  4. ^^^Do you ever carry credit cards and money in it? I was hoping it would be able to serve a dual purpose. I'd just have to keep my change somewhere else.
  5. I love my small agenda. It's the perfect size to carry in my bag. The medium is just too big to carry around. IMO, it's too small to use as a wallet.
  6. i have a small agenda and i love it. it's so cute and i think it's the perfect size.

  7. So you think its too small to put a couple of CC's and some bills in?
  8. What all do you put in yours?
  9. I have a sm. agenda. I couldn't use it as a wallet because you can only fit like 3 credit cards in it, then to put money too would be too much I think. I put business cards in the card slots. I use it mostly for the calendar and cannot do without it!!
  10. It has slots so you can put a credit card or two in it. Maybe some money because there is a pocket behind the slots.
  11. i use my agenda as my wallet sometimes. it has ample space for some folded cash in both of the slots and 3 credit card slots. its very convenient when shopping as I have my loit written out on my note pages and my cash and cards all together!
  12. I :love: my small agenda. I use it every single day. I usually have 3 cards in the slots (I've had my school ID and some CCs in there before, but now it's book and movie rental cards) and some paper money in the back "pocket." I think it's the perfect size-- it even fits in my Pochette Accessoires. I know a lot of people complain about it being a bit small, but for me I think it's perfect. I feel like I can write normally in it, maybe my handwriting is just very small? ;)

    edit: I don't have a proper "wallet," so to speak. I have a key cles that holds most of my paper money and coins, as well as some cards. The rest of my cards and some money goes into the agenda. I never bought an LV wallet because I felt like there wasn't one perfect for me. They're either too big or too small or a strange shape. I like my agenda + cles arrangement, maybe it would work for you too?

  13. ^^That's what I wanted to hear. I was hoping to kill two birds with one stone. Wallet and agenda. :wlae:

    It good to hear that someone has the same idea. I actually rarely carry around loads and loads of cash so enough room to fit a few bills would be fine.
  14. the small agenda is cute, but have you considered a medium one? it has 6 credit card slots as opposed to the small one having only 3. plus it's easier to write in.
  15. I Have The Small Mono....I Love It....I've Used It For About 9 Years (I Have Other Agendas By Other Designers ~ Never Use Them).

    I Love The Size. It Fits In (Most) Bags. I Have It Open Alot (We Had To Replace My Pen Twice!)...Therefore, I Rather Not Keep CC's In It.

    I Use The Pockets For Extra Business Cards For My Husband & Myself (I Think I Have A Few Of My Sons Calling Cards In There, Too!).

    ......I Do Know A Lot People Who Use Their Agenda For Everything (Especially In Manhattan) ~ I Think That's A Great Idea!!! If I Was To Do That ~ I Would Definitely Get A Bigger Agenda!!!!!