Small Ring Agenda Pen

  1. Hi everyone! I FINALLY found a non-LV pen (I'm cheap) to fit my new Groom Agenda!!! :wlae: I LOVE it! It fits PERFECTLY!!!:p

    I got it from JetPens - Japanese Pens and Stationery

    If anyone's interested in this pen, the link is Zebra Mini pen - Silver
    it was only $4.75 plus a little for shipping!

    "This very slim, mini silver ball point pen is perfect for small notebooks, wallets or PDA cases.? Measuring less than 4" long, it'll make all your co-workers "OOooo" and "AAaaa"? over it. Blue ink."

    Aaaannnnnddd... I have pics!!!
    (It looks gold toned, but it's a very pretty silver. It looks like brushed nickel!!!)

  2. Good info, thanks!
  3. I like pencils for in pencil me found a bunch of cute ones at a Japanese stationary store 3.95....they come in a bunch of colors!