Small ring agenda in MC Shirley?

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  1. I know there are various treads out there regarding more or less how much this bag can hold. Sorry if this question is a repeat. Can anyone tell me if a small ring agenda would fit comfortably in the MC Shirley? Along with a pochette cles and keys attached? If possible, pics plz . Thanks all :smile:
  2. I can fit my small ring agenda in my pochettes so I would think they'll fit in the Shirley..
  3. the small agenda would probably fit in the Shirley, BUT you may not be able to close it, because it's quite a small bag for all its size. the Pochette Cles and keys will definitely fit though.
  4. Carnet de Bal will fit in !
  5. NO WAY! you're going to have 2/5 of the agenda poking out....not very pretty.... However, i'm not saying that the Shirley is not roomy, it still fits a LOT of your essentials such tissues, compact powder, makeup, gloss, keys, cell...etc
  6. It definitely does not fit! I just tried it out with my MC small agenda. The carnet de bal fits nicely though :smile:
  7. Some old pics I found on my photobucket:


    That's pretty much all I carry when I use the Shirley.
  8. How cutie is that!

    I sure do love the Shirley clutch! It looks like you make good use of it!

    My co workers and I at work sometimes try imitate Uma and how she held the Shirley... haha.
  9. Thanks elle! I love the bag but didn't realize how thin this bag really is.
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