Small reveals in Chanel Barcelona

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  1. hello! I just finished my Mediterranean cruise and am now in Barcelona. The Chanel stores are packed and needed to wait outside to get in.
  2. 6957CCF1-F759-48FB-ADCA-A40B6AA7E10A.jpeg
  3. Hello. Beautiful pieces!
    I will be in Barcelona this Sunday June 16, I was wondering if you saw some minis, WOC’s etc.
    Do you have an SA recommendation that you can share? Only if it’s ok with you. TIA
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  4. There is no mini, I saw some wocs, coco handle, and boy. So many people are in the store, we had to wait outside for a while to get in. Good luck, and share what you get later.
    I don’t have a SA that I work with , my first time in the store and you just get the SA who is available at the time. The store was like a zoo yesterday lol! I never see some many people in Chanel before!
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  5. Lol hopefully I will have the patience to wait outside! Let’s see how it goes:smile:
  6. Cute pieces! Congrats and enjoy!!
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  7. Went to that Chanel store too last year. There was not much goodies left as most have been sold out..but the staff was helpful and pleasant.
  8. Hello Showgratitude, Yes, I felt the same way, they don't have any minis, but they do have classic flap in lambskin, not caviar. They have black caviar in boy small, which I regret not getting it. They also got coco handle mini in coral pink. I am wating for my tax refund.
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  9. Hello Eena1230, I hope you will find what you like. A lot of classic items (no Mini, and no medium flaps) are sold out in the store. I heard the price of chanel is the lowest in Spain, after tax refund. I kind of regert not getting chanel boy small in black caviar with gold hardwear, and coco handle mini in coral pink. oh well...I am now back to US, maybe next time.
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  10. Hi Honolulu168, I’m here in London now. I’ll check if they have any square minis.
    Anyway, they have a small boy in caviar w/ GHW? I’ll check it out ones I get to Barcelona.. thank you
  11. Yes, I saw people were trying small boy in black caviar with GHW. Hope you can find something!!
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